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The History of Swarovski Crystal Brooches

The History of Swarovski Crystal Brooches

These stunning
crystals soon became hugely popular and he was soon producing numerous products
which range from Swarovski crystal brooches to earrings, necklaces, bracelets
and other forms of jewellery. He also started to produce haute couture pieces
that were embellished with crystals.


Swarovski’s products soon went beyond
Swarovski brooches and other forms of jewellery and that also manufactured
various household ornaments and chandeliers. Swarovski is also known for
designing optical products such as telescopes and binoculars. After 100 years
in the industry, in 1995 they celebrated this magnificent milestone but
building an amazing theme park called Swarovski Crystal World.


Despite venturing into other markets, of all
the Swarovski products, their line of jewellery is the most popular all over
the world. The Swarovski crystal brooches are a mixture of both contemporary
and classic pieces and these range from youthful and trendy to charming and
bold avant-garde sets. All the Swarovski crystal brooches are designed so the
wearer can make a bold fashion statement.


A Swarovski crystal brooch can add the
perfect finishing touch to absolutely any outfit and the crystals are set in
various materials such as rhodium, silver and even leather. The stunning
combination of crystals in their amazing colours and the outstanding designs
means you can mix and match your Swarovski crystal brooches with your own
everyday outfits. Swarovski crystal brooches are extremely versatile and this
means you can wear them for any occasion at any time. All Swarovski designs are
updated each season to keep up with the ever changing fashion industry.


Swarovski crystals can also be bought
separately and this means that many designers use them to make their own line
of Swarovski crystal brooches. The reason so many designers choose to use
Swarovski crystals is because of their sparkle and shine and also because they
are so versatile. Designers can mix them with other semi precious stones to
make Swarovski
crystal brooches
that appeal to women of all ages all over the world.


Swarovski crystals are now used for much more
than pieces of jewellery, they are used nowadays to add a touch of glamour to
bagsFind Article, shoes and other accessories. They are guaranteed to add some sparkle and
shine to you outfit and can also glitz up your home with the numerous ornaments
and chandeliers that Swarovski now produce. There are a huge number of
Swarovski crystal brooches available to buy online and it is easy to find the
perfect size and design that you are looking for. Add some glitzy glamour to
your outfit and buy yourself a Swarovski crystal brooch today!

Amulet Miracle of LP Tim

Amulet Miracle of LP Tim

Amulet Miracle of LP Tim

We are only humans, and therefore, a large number of us make a number of mistakes when we borrow certain things or trends from other cultures, especially Oriental cultures and traditions

One of the best examples of this is Oriental jewelry pieces, which are often seen as just apparels or accessories by people. Today, we look at a classic example – Thai amulet and Buddha necklace, their uses, but most importantly, how they should be worn, according to the cultures and the countries that they have originated from.


For starters, the Thai amulet is an essentially scared item, which is worn, not just as a fashionable item, but because of the wearer’s firm beliefs in the teachings and power of Lord Buddha, and is often associated with an increased luck, better health and family relationships. You must also wash your hands before taking the amulet off. Before buying one, you have to keep in mind that the prices of them vary. For instance, the older the amulet, and the more prestigious the monk making it, the costlier it will be. There are mainly five different kinds of Thai amulets available – PhraRod, PhraSomdejWatRakhang, PhraPhongSuphan and PhraNang Phaya.


Before putting on your Thai amulet, it is necessary that you wash your hands, put the amulet between the centre of your palms, and focus your mind and energy on Buddha. One of the basic rules of wearing the amulet is that under no circumstances should it be put below the waist. You can wear it anywhere from the neck up region.


Also, the amulet should never be placed in the bedroom because it is where people engage in in sexual activities. Amulets are not to be worn when engaging in sexual activities or going to places like bars, nightclubs or pubs. As for wearing multiple amulets at the same time, there are no such prohibitions or restrictions. It is usually suggested that you take off your amulet before bathing because it can damage it, and reduce its life expectancy.


Like all holy and sacred things associated with the Lord Buddha, reverence is also shown to a Buddha necklace, which is also known as Buddha praying bead necklace. Under no circumstances, should it be used for decorative purposes, but only for spiritual and prayer purposes. Since it is used for prayer, it should never be placed on the floor or carelessly thrown across the room, or kept casually on top of something. In fact, it is a good idea to carefully fold the beaded Buddha necklace and place it near the Buddha statue, if you have one at your home, that is or hang it somewhere.


This is a thing to be repeated, no one should wear a Buddha necklace for fashion. You can wrap it around your wrist or wear it on your neck when you are praying to Buddha. When looking for a good beaded necklace, it is best if you go for the ones made of sandalwood, rosewood or even Bodhi. A lot of people also opt for the necklaces that contain semi-precious stones in them. Of course, when you are using any particular mantra during your prayersBusiness Management Articles, you should do it with instructions from someone who is familiar with the Tibetan culture.

Rutilated Quartz Lets Talk Stones

Rutilated Quartz Lets Talk Stones

Rutilated Quartz Lets Talk Stones

For more information on crystals and how to use them, please visit our online classroom, featuring on demand classes at prices you can afford!
Rutilated quartz is a stone that has rutile within the quartz. Working with this stone will speed things up for you, to say the least, however this isn’t a stone that one should work with regularly, this is an emergency type stone. This is the stone that I pick up when I can feel a good come to jesus meeting with myself coming on. This stone helps me be a little kinder, a little more constructive and a little more solution oriented with myself.

What this means is that often times we find that the highest expectations placed on us come from within, when we find ourselves not meeting those expectations we can be rather harsh on ourselves. Sometimes we are downright cruel and punishing to ourselves. This is a pattern that Rutilated Quartz will help us to correct. This stone brings us a vibration that helps us to see patterns where we are being too hard on ourselves, places where we have opportunities to improve by lightening up a little.
For those who suffer from OCD like symptoms this stone can be very enlightening in the patterns that are creating the symptoms. Working with this stone helps us to detect these repetitive self punishing patterns, determine from the mental level whether they are efficient patterns and what action if any needs to be taken.

Rutilated quartz has also been very effective with addictive behaviors, these are self punishing behaviors after all. When working with addictive patterns one should consider working with other stones that also bring in a very self nurturing energy such as lepidolite or ajoite.

Dr. Joe Q&A – Kundalini Energy

Dr. Joe Q&A – Kundalini Energy

Dr. Joe Q&A – Kundalini Energy

Dr. Joe addresses “the pop” side effect in this clip from the Malta Advanced Week Long Retreat, recorded November 2019.


In the daily humdrum of life, human beings face innumerable problems and lead a stressful life. Busy affairs of the modern world pose difficulties that create stress on the brain. Kundalini Yoga, is one of the most effective styles of yoga to relieve external and internal stresses of the body. Practicing this ancient form of yoga, one finds extreme solace of body, mind and spirit. Kundalini means awakening of oneself. It is a divine state of mind that leads to self actualization. Awakening the Kundalini has a general purifying effect on the body and mind.Kundalini is nothing but energy inside our body. Once the kundalini is awakened , we feel enhanced energy within us. Kundalini yoga is a system of healing and purification of the mind. It is a combination of asanas or body postures, breathing exercises, prayers and chants, visualizations and meditation. With the practice of Kundalini yoga the mind and the body fuses to lead to a state of peacefulness of the mind helping  one to  relax and manage stress and anxiety. Kundalini yoga and many other forms of relaxation exercises is often enhanced by listening to yoga music. Music and rythm has always been said to be a medium of relieving stress. Different forms of yoga music are extremely helpful to relax the mind and meditate and purify the innerself. Kundalini yoga is not just about performing yogic excercises, it also incorporates  the habit of leading a healthy and balanced life, serving the poor, conscious parenting and partnering. Kundalini yoga  and meditation music helps in shedding out the impurities and tiredness of the mind and releases the body of all its toxins.Spirit Voyage  is a company whole heartedly dedicated to spreading awareness about kundalini yoga worldwide. With its huge collection of yoga dvd, yoga music CDs , spirit voyage is a complete knowledge bank for enhancing knowledge about different forms of yoga and the benefits reaped from them. The songs and music created by some of the famous artists like Snatam Kaur , Guru Ganesha Singh,Deva Premal and Krishna Das are self rejuvenating in itself. They provide the hearer with the power to elevate oneself away from the mundane world and thus help in relieving stress and providing relaxation. The yoga classes are a learning insight, with gurus sharing their experiences of self awakening. These yoga sessions teach to incorporate yogic lifestyle to improve life and health.At Spirit Voyage , yoga and meditation music finds a new meaning. The teachings of great saints, compiled in Yoga music Cds and recitations provides extreme enlightment and takes one to a stage of realization and calmness. Daily hearing and performing of pranayama and asanas generate immense energy and provides balance and freshness in life. It helps to relax and strengthen the nerves , helps in restoration of peace and mental tranquility.Awakening the Kundalini has a purifying effect on the body and mind. General health  improves,one feels light and energetic; the mind becomes restful. Happiness is felt from ones within. So come lets join hands and start our journey of health and wellness through practise of kundalini yoga, listening to meditation music, chanting of prayers and leading a simple and balanced life on earth.

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The author writes of Spirit Voyage  which is engaged in yoga music and healing meditations . The company practices various forms of Kundalini Yoga and meditation music.

Oil Change Coupons for Your Car and Every Engine in Your Garage


When you are getting the oil changed in your vehicle as often as recommended by the manufacturer’s guidelines you are actually extending the life of your vehicle. Often there are oil change coupons available so that you can do it as often as possible. Most manufacturers suggest that you have it done every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but some of the newer vehicles take advantage of a newer technology that keeps the oil clean longer, so it will have to be changed less often. Many times you will get a sticker from your mechanic with his suggested recommendation on when you should have your oil changed next. Vehicles have internal combustion engines, which need motor oil to help keep them lubricated properly. The moving parts in the engine are kept moistened so that there is less wear on your vehicle’s engine. Not only does it moisten the engine, but motor oil also cools and seals it. Motor oil comes in two different types: petroleum based and chemical based. Both types of oil have hydrocarbons and other natural materials added.When oil is used to coat the metal parts of the engine, it reduces the amount of oxygen that gets on the engine so that oxidation is less apt to take place, especially when the temperatures rise when and corrosion is more likely to occur. There are many products that are added to motor oil to help keep the engines clean and prevent corrosion. Since oil has a tendency to appear singed when it gets hot it will start to look grungy, so use the available oil change coupons to get it changed when it appears dirty when checked.Sometimes when metal parts rub against each other, pieces of metal fall into the oil so the oil filter helps keep the engine clean. That is why the filter needs to be changed each time that you have your oil changed. Most oil change coupons include an oil filter replacement. It is not just cars that need oil changes, but also lawn mowers and snow blowers need occasional oil changes to keep them in peak performance. If you own a recreational vehicle that you only use seasonally, such as a camper, boat, snow mobile, or jet-ski, you may also want to consider getting an oil change in these as well, so that you can avoid the wear on the engine that will happen if you do not take care of them as you should since they also have internal combustion engines. Some auto shops will allow you to use your oil change coupons for those as well. To keep your vehicle in the best shape and working order, it is good to occasionally get the oil changed and using oil change coupons is a great way to do that affordably.

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Roots of secular Buddhism: Thailand

Roots of secular Buddhism: Thailand

Roots of secular Buddhism: Thailand

Some of the roots of secular Buddhism go back to Thailand. We’ll look at two of the fascinating characters that were instrumental in modernizing elements of Thai belief and practice, even as some of that modernization remains controversial to this day.

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Some source material:

Peter Jackson 1986 PhD diss: “Buddhadasa and Doctrinal Modernisation in Contemporary Thai Buddhism: A Social and Philosophical Analysis”.

The King of Siam invents Western Buddhism

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Photo of King Mongkut from Wiki, copyright the Wellcome Images:

Photo of Buddhadasa from Wiki, courtesy of Santikaro, Liberation Park

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With the fragrance of carnation still lingering in the air, we look into the role of women in Buddhism.

Women have long enjoyed a special place and played an important role in Buddhism. Buddhism does not consider women as being inferior to men, while accepting the biological and physical differences between the two sexes, does consider men and women to be equally useful to society.

The Buddha emphasizes the fruitful role women can play and should play as in being a wife and a good mother in making the family life a success.

In a family, both the husband and the wife are expected to share equal responsibilities and to discharge their duties with equal dedication. The husband is admonished to consider the wife a friend, a companion, and a partner.

In Buddhism, women who embodied compassionate, gentle, loving kindness have often been associated with Bodhisattvas such as Chenrenzig, ( popularly known as the Goddess of Mercy, or Kuan Yin or Avalokiteshvara ) and various Taras in Tibetan Buddhism.

According to the sutras, Buddha Shakyamuni used to refer to Chenrenzig as a man. In history, Chenrenzig was regarded as a male before the Tang Dynasty. During the Tang Dynasty, it was said that Chenrenzig was a princess called Miau Shan. As Chenrenzig in a feminine form is more intimate, more and more people affirmed this Bodhisattva to be female.

Moreover, in our world, women are always suppressed or even tortured, and therefore there is a strong desire to have a female Bodhisattva who is compassionate and able to salvage them from their sufferings.

“Here there is no man, there is no woman,
No self, no person, and no consciousness.
Labelling ‘male’ or ‘female’ has no essence,
But deceives the evil-minded world.”

And she made the following vow:
“There are many who desire Enlightenment
in a man’s body, but none who work for the
benefit of sentient beings in the body of a
woman. Therefore, until samsara is empty, I
shall work for the benefit of sentient beings
in a woman’s body!”

Reciting the powerful mantra of Chenrenzig daily (108 times) and dedicating the merits to all sentient beings, especially your loved ones, will calm your fears, soothe your worries and have your prayers answered:
OM MANI PADME HUM (the most famous Mantra in the world)

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5 Cheap Luxury Cars That Fool People Into Thinking They're Expensive!

5 Cheap Luxury Cars That Fool People Into Thinking They're Expensive!

5 Cheap Luxury Cars That Fool People Into Thinking They're Expensive!

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Special gas, service and brake repair make owning a foreign car even more expensive


Foreign luxury cars have long been viewed as a status symbol. Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are all foreign brand names people like to flaunt when they feel they’ve achieved the American Dream. The lofty price tag is often part of the appeal because many people feel it shows that they can afford a car that many cannot. But keeping and maintaining one of these vehicles often costs more than even their well-to-do buyers bargained for. Everything from filling up the gas tank to taking it in for a brake repair will hit your pocketbook just a little bit harder.First of all, most high-end foreign vehicles recommend or even require that the driver fill the tank with premium gas. The premium gas option usually costs around 20 cents more per gallon. Premium gas is manufactured to be high-octane and less combustible. These traits don’t necessarily make it any better than regular unleaded, but they do make it the only good fuel option for many foreign luxury cars because their engines are specifically designed to take this kind of gasoline. People trying to save money by putting regular unleaded gas into these cars likely will find the vehicle’s performance and gas mileage to be negatively affected. Furthermore, several American luxury brands, such as Cadillac and Lincoln are now manufacturing luxury vehicles that are engineered to run on regular unleaded gasoline.Maintenance is another issue. Foreign automobile drivers typically have to go to their corresponding dealership to have an oil change or any other regular maintenance done. An oil change for these cars typically requires not only a pricier synthetic oil but also more of it than many domestic cars would need. An oil change for a BMW or Audi can cost anywhere from around $80-$130. The bright side to this is that many of these cars require less frequent oil changes. A Ford or Chevy owner might be instructed to have his or her oil changed every 3,000 miles. However, a BMW or Audi owner may only have to get an oil change every 10,000 miles.Repairs can be expensive and time consuming for any automobile owner. But owners of European brands will often find that their repair rates are quite a bit higher than those of domestic car owners. This is true in part because the parts usually must be imported from the same place as the car. The parts themselves may be more expensive than domestically-manufactured parts. However, the price of shipping and the waiting involved if a part needs to be ordered all factor into an even greater headache. For example, a brake repair on a domestic vehicle can set your bank balance back a few hundred dollars, but the same brake repair on an imported vehicle could cost you closer to $1,000. Sometimes even labor costs are higher because foreign cars are considered more labor-intensive, and fewer mechanics have the skills and knowledge to work on them — a fact they use to justify charging more.

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Selection Thai Amulets Lord Ganesha / Ganesh Powerful Lucky Pendant

Selection Thai Amulets Lord Ganesha / Ganesh Powerful Lucky Pendant

Selection Thai Amulets Lord Ganesha / Ganesh Powerful Lucky Pendant

Selection of Thai Amulets Lord Ganesha / Ganesh , beautifully made and holy blessed to bring success, lucky fortune, wealth and many more.

Amulet of Lord Ganesha come in different style and they are beautifully made with great materials. The most important is that they have been properly blessed in a holy ceremony, to have abilities for their worshiper.

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On the pious occasion of Diwali you can decorate your home with Bandhanwar and Torans. It will give your home a traditional look. Moreover, if you are interested in sending Diwali gifts online from the comfort of your home then Indian Gift Guru is ready to deliver them at doorsteps. You can also send sweets, dry fruits and idols of Lord Ganesha using the online services of our portal. Our gifts are trendy as well as traditional which will surely surprise the person who receives it. 

Diwali is a festival
which is celebrated with full enthusiasm by people of all age groups. From a
ten year old kid to an old man of sixty, all start preparing for it even from
one month before. The whole city starts glittering like a bride on the night of
Diwali. People worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi on this pious occasion.

They have a firm
belief that in the night Goddess Lakshmi will come to bless them with health,
wealth and happiness. The children as well as adults exchange sweets and burn
crackers to celebrate the festival of lights.

It is believed that
Lord Ram after defeating Ravan, who was the demon king returned back to Ayodhya
on the same day. That is why people decorate their houses with lights and
candles on this occasion to celebrate this event.

We all like to send
Diwali gifts to our friends and relatives. In case you are not able to visit
the home of your beloved ones personally, even then you can send Diwali gifts
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Some of the gifts
which can be sent using our online services are colorful terracotta Lakshmi
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Every thing is not
associated with this occasion. Some people try to misuse this event. They start
gambling many days before from the actual date of festival. When they loose
money they spoil the festive spirit by quarreling  It is advisable
not to do such activities that become a reason for anguish. If they want to
play cards then it can be enjoyed without the involvement of money.

In case, you want to
send eatables on Diwali then you can order branded sweets like Chappanbhog,
Chikki and dry fruits on this occasion.

Thus, enjoy the
wonderful festivals of Diwali and Christmas this time with Indian Gift Guru. It
is an affordable gift portal through which you can celebrate the joyous
festival along with your friends and relatives.

Winter Long Coat Outfit Ideas | Long Coat Style Fashion Lookbook | How To oversize

Winter Long Coat Outfit Ideas | Long Coat Style Fashion Lookbook | How To oversize

Winter Long Coat Outfit Ideas | Long Coat Style Fashion Lookbook | How To oversize

Winter Long Coat Outfit Ideas

Long Coat Style Fashion :

Latest Fashion Trend more videos:
40 Winter Street Style Outfit Ideas For Women

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