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Niche Marketing: Strategies Using Web 2.0


Like me, you probably have overspent, buying every second product that comes along offering the latest magic solution promising you big bucks for one hour’s work per week. Learning the intricacies of niche marketing has been a matter of survival, and the smartest thing I ever did. I tried fighting the odds and attempted to sell into the general Internet Marketing arena, even though I was told it’s already too crowded. So now I work with smaller niches where my web sites have a chance of being noticed. I’m willing to share with you one of the most powerful and overlooked sources of free traffic from niche markets. Free traffic from the world of Web 2.0 has been greatly overlooked by many of us. Using niche marketing strategies to gain a foothold in this milieu will prove to be a god-send, if you just give it a try. Look into Internet groups, known as news groups. Yes those… Yahoo! Groups, MSN Groups, Google groups and other places where people freely exchange news and info regarding their specific interests. These groups offer a wealth of interested and hungry prospects. People in these newsgroups will eagerly grab your information if it’s any good, and if properly distributed to them. These are people who voluntarily joined a group to share their passion with others in their common interest. The same interest you are promoting in your niche. They were not induced by a free newsletter offering gifts as reward for signing up. You don’t even have to sell them on your idea. They are already resold on that particular niche, and all you need to produce is the answers they’re looking for. Think about this for a minute. Internet groups are already targeted, interested prospects. You can send them unlimited messages, every day even, you get to communicate or interact with exactly the customers you want, because they’re already in your chosen niche. The postings you do may go directly to their inbox (if that’s what they chose, or they can read it at the Group page. In email marketing, the open rate (how many emails you sent out got opened) is running 12 to 20%. So you can imagine the benefit of delivering almost all your messages. Because you’re emailing people already interested! Yahoo still has the leading newsgroups, and then there is MSN and Google. If you go to ‘Group Search’ page at Yahoo, you will be amazed at the number of groups listed. The numbers after the categories refer to the number of Groups, not the number of people. Games, for example, have over 90,000 groups, health and wellness over 120,000. Incredible numbers just with Yahoo. You can join as many as you want, completely free for you to e-mail as much as you like. Join a bunch of enthusiasts interested in the same thing as you. Of course you just can’t join all the groups in the niche. But you can surely focus on up to 50 groups, each with thousands of people in them. If you handle it right, you can easily establish yourself as a trusted authority and end up making good money. Yet, people are skeptical on the Internet these days because of the excessive Spamming, so you must be careful or you will alienate yourself from them. If you downgrade yourself even by accident, forget about making a comeback, it just won’t happen. There are too many choices available, so second chances don’t exist. These niche specialists are loyal to their group, so you must talk to them with respect. Too many people on the Internet have turned into rude bullies. Maybe hiding behind the curtain of anonymity. which is the Net, gives them a feeling of power? Of course it’s not justified. Try that behavior in the Niche Groups and you’ll soon become an outcast, and justifiably so. The bottom line is simply this, within the Internet groups you have the opportunity to bond with your fellow niche followers. Once they trust you, you are then OK to start offering quality products to them. What more could you ask.

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Anthony Ramos – Mind Over Matter

Anthony Ramos – Mind Over Matter

Anthony Ramos – Mind Over Matter

Official music video by Anthony Ramos performing “Mind Over Matter”

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Directed by Andy Madeleine
Production Company: Golden Child Media

“Mind Over Matter” Lyrics:

I see you over there cookin’ while you over there lookin’ like a five-course (just five?)
I walk over to the kitchen I feel a little smitten with the way the oil pour (like this?)
Wrap my hand around your waste (yeah), put my cheek up on your face (okay)
Turn you round so you could see what you cookin’ up in me

I wanna be generous (uh), a little more tenderness (uh-huh)
Feel you feeling better than you did before
I’m taking it serious (uh), a little more time with it (uh-huh)
Emotional physical it’s so much more

‘Cause when we makin’ love real love
We take it deeper, mind over matter
Yeah when we makin’ love real love
It’s like a healer, mind over matter (it never matter)

Put the pillow where you want it just in case we gotta pause it for a little breather (right here?)
‘Cause when you comfy I can explore your body, make me wish I was a mind reader (yeah, yeah)
I’m gon’ work harder, gon’ touch you smarter
You know I’m gonna find it the new surprises

‘Cause when we makin’ love real love
We take it deeper, mind over matter
Yeah when we makin’ love real love
It’s like a healer, mind over matter

We makin’ love (real love), real love real love
We makin’ love (real love), real love real love
We makin’ love (real love), real love real love
We makin’ love (real love), real love real love

You got that good good, deep like a therapist
All in my head while I’m lickin’ your areas
Give me them feels like that strong sativa
Curing my pain call you “Aleve Ya”
The only one for me lookin’ at you
Made you (uhh) I’m goin’ for two
3o’clock (uh) 4o’clock (uh) 5o’clock (uh, uh, uh)

‘Cause when we makin’ love real love
We take it deeper, mind over matter
Yeah when we makin’ love real love
It’s like a healer, mind over matter

We makin’ love (real love), real love real love
We makin’ love (real love), real love real love
We makin’ love (real love), real love real love
We makin’ love (real love), real love real love
(It never matters)

Music video by Anthony Ramos performing Mind Over Matter. © 2019 Anthony Ramos, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

There are several steps you can take to help minimize costs with a web hosting package. Some require some effort on your part while others are simply a matter of common sense. No matter what your particular needs are, you’ll likely find that there are companies out there offering web hosting with those needs in mind.

The first and arguably the most important step as you seek to minimize costs with a web hosting package is to shop around. Comparison shopping is always a good way to save money, and finding a good service for your web hosting needs is no exception. Online searches are probably your best bet for finding those great deals on web hosting, but don’t give in to the temptation to simply pick a company from a list of hits and sign on the dotted line. Instead, take time to compare the services, prices and reputations of various companies. Finding the service provider that offers the best bottom-line price for web hosting might not be the provider that saves you the most money.

Especially if you aren’t computer savvy, one way to minimize costs with a web hosting package is to find a company that offers free setup. While this is a fairly common part of web hosting for most companies at this point, you should be sure what it’s going to cost you to establish the account. If you find a company that offers a great bottom-line price but has you pay an enormous fee up front to establish the service, it will probably take you a long time to recoup that fee in your monthly savings.

By the same token, finding a company that promises no fee to set up the service but then charges a significantly more expensive monthly fee to maintain the service isn’t really going to save you any money either. If you want to minimize costs with a web hosting package, look for a happy medium between the two – a service provider that establishes the service for free and offers a reasonable monthly rate for maintaining the service.

While set up fees and monthly maintenance fees are pretty straightforward, you should also look for other fees that might be charged by a particular provider. Depending on your needs, you might find yourself paying extra for a service you expected to be provided in the monthly fee. There’s no substitute for carefully considering your options as you search for a company to help minimize costs with a web hosting package. If you need services in addition to web hosting, look for a company that can combine all your Internet service needs – that could save you some additional money.

You should look for a company that offers a web hosting package specifically to meet your needs. You might be paying a significantly higher monthly fee for a plan that simply exceeds the needs of your company. If you don’t need a larger space, don’t buy a larger space. But with an eye to the future, know the company’s stand on upgrading an account later if you should need additional space.

Finally, know the company. While it’s a good thing to search for the most competitive bottom-line price, the best set up deal and a plan that fits your needs, it won’t do you any good if you are constantly out of commission because of down time. Each time you find yourself without the web hosting service, you’re running the risk of losing orders, clients and your own reputation – all potentially devastating to a business. Even if you truly want to minimize costs with a web hosting packageFind Article, saving a few dollars is probably not worth the reputation of your own business.

Rutilated Quartz: ascension accelerators, Venus hairs, mood enhancer

Rutilated Quartz: ascension accelerators, Venus hairs, mood enhancer

Rutilated Quartz: ascension accelerators, Venus hairs, mood enhancer

This video talks about the metaphysical properties of Rutilated quartz.

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Natural stone is beautiful choice for granite countertops.  Engineered stone, quartz and laminate all try to mimic the beauty of natural stone, but they do not even come close! Everyone has heard the expression that “imitation is the highest form of flattery” and this is very true when it comes to granite and marble countertops.

How to decide between Granite and Quartz Countertops

Natural stone is beautiful choice for granite countertops.  Engineered stone, quartz and laminate all try to mimic the beauty of natural stone, but they do not even come close! Everyone has heard the expression that “imitation is the highest form of flattery” and this is very true when it comes to granite and marble countertops.

Granite and marble can be expensive, but doesn’t have to be. With the right stone selection, and reasonable choices for edge and design it can be more cost effective than Corian, and most engineered or quartz stone type products.

Its beauty is timeless, rich and transcends the ages. The resale value of your investment can be more rewarding than the imitators and this is evidenced by the large numbers of realtors that come here every day to spruce up a home to make it saleable.

Its durability is legendary. A home with natural stone accents is valued for its custom one of a kind attributes and recognized as not an off the shelf one size fits all approach to most products today.

The competitors will try to scare you with the scare tactic “You always have to seal it and maintain it with special products”

The reality is this; once or twice a year you spray and wipe with “sealer” which is as difficult to apply as Windex (not very hard to do). Some stones never need to be resealed, ask your fabricator if your stone choice is porous or dense and your stone supplier will advise you as to what and how to apply. Once or twice a year is a worst case scenario for resealing frequency.

The upside of quartz is that it is consistent. It has no fissures, no veins, and very limited inclusions. It handles heat well and never needs to be sealed. Most manufacturers of quartz offer a warranty. If you like consistent coloring and look then quartz countertops make an excellent choice. Many of the manufacturers are offering colors that are getting much closer to a natural stone look without the downside. Quartz is very hard, therefore scratch resistant. It like granite can scratch and chip. It is my opinion that quartz is less scratch resistant, but is more prone to chipping. The very hardness that makes it more scratch resistant does make it more brittle and prone to chipping. Conversely, granite chips can be repaired more easily than quartz.

Corian is a synthetic and once very popular solid surface counter top material. Today it is used less and less and the company behind the product, “Dupont” has embraced competing products and is behind industry giants such as Home Depot in regards to the sealer treatment that they put on their granite to resist stains.

Dan DiTomaso Stone Masters Inc, 515 School House RoadFeature Articles, Kennett Square PA 19348

Some tips about retrieving OBD Trouble Codes of Ford Contour

Since 1996, All Ford Contours must be equipped
with OBD 2 system. This means you can insert a OBD 2 code reader or scanning
tool into the diagnostic link connector (which short for DLC) and read the
diagnostic trouble code (which short for DTC), DTC has tripped the malfunction
indicator light (which short for MIL) which also known as the check engine
light. Most of code readers or scanners are affordable and you can diagnose the
problem yourself by inserting one into your Ford Contour and comparing the codes
and translation to the chart supplied with the code reader or searches online.

You’ll Need Portable code reader, OBD 2 DTC
chart, Pen and paper.

Firstly, Locate the DLC on the Ford
Contour. The location may have little deference relying on the year, but most
always it will be under the driver’s side dashboard near the steering wheel. It
is trapezoid shaped and you can base on the plug on the end of the code reader
since that has to insert into it.

Secondly, insert the OBD 2 scanner into the
DLC and turn the ignition key to the “key-on/engine-off” position.
This is two clicks clockwise so that all powered options are operable without
launching the engine.

Follow the onscreen menu of the scanner.
The battery of the Contour will power up the scanner once inserted in. You
won’t have to turn on a power button. There may be several options on the
onscreen menu relying on what kind you’re using, but generally will have an
“enter” button and an up and down scrolling button.

Scroll the down arrow until the cursor on
the screen of the scanner displays “read codes.” Press the button.
After a few seconds it may display the codes or tell you how many codes were
found or pending. Follow the onscreen instructions of the scanner and choose
the enter button to read all the trouble codes containing pending codes.

Harmful Effects Of Cigarettes A Worry? Relax With Hypnotherapy CDs

Harmful Effects Of Cigarettes A Worry? Relax With Hypnotherapy CDs

How many inner arguments have you had in your head about your smoking compulsion? How many times have you mentioned to family and friends that you want to end the habit but seem to go on smoking despite the dangers and the expense? And how many therapies have you tried that just didn’t succeed? If you are like most people addicted to smoking, you will remember such conversations and inner dialogs and may have felt nothing will really come through for you. Unless you tried NLP and hypnosis to quit smoking, you may have been right.

If you fervently want to stop smoking, hypnotherapy is the reasonable choice for real cures. Hypnotherapy to quit smoking can zone in on the main issues that keep you smoking as well as equipping you with resources and boost to be successful for good. This is not smoke and mirrors, but a real medical therapy approved by the AMA since 1958, and one with established credentials and a well-established ethics code.

Hypnotherapy doesn’t override values and a reliable hypnotherapist will honor your privacy and protect your rights just the same as any other medical professional. You do desire a professional who is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and who adheres to their stringent ethical and professional standards. Included in their code is putting the mental and physical welfare of clients uppermost. They also shield clients from verbal, mental or physical, and refer clients to others as appropriate.

A skilled hypnotist has the training to address problem behavior, and stop smoking hypnotherapy is the second most regular type they practice. Using methods that are considered state of the art which may include the precision of NLP enriched hypnosis and the ongoing enhancement of CD’s for stop smoking hypnosis as well as any prescription modalities a doctor might also dictate for a patient. Using medical hypnosis does not mean other measures are excluded, but they may not even be needed at all.

The reason that expertly used hypnosis to quit smoking is the most effective method to achieve success is that it addresses the three basic concerns in smoking. No method can succeed that does not address each issue totally and correct the problems each causes. Most people feel that the physical addiction to nicotine is the most important element and the biggest problem, but this is simply not the case. If the addiction to the substance called nicotine were the single reason for failure, most smokers would not fail multiple times in their efforts to end smoking for good.

Yes, nicotine is a powerfully addictive substance and for most smokers the physical dependence is very real and there are withdrawal physical responses that are also real. But did you realize these last only a short time? In fact, every bit of nicotine is flushed out of the system in just three days or less! For many smokers, it is the fear of withdrawal symptoms and not the reality that causes the most distress and which may prevent even trying to quit at all. Yet quitting without therapy has an average five percent rate of success! Stop smoking hypnosis reduces fear of withdrawal symptoms and blunts the effect of any that do result.

Another component of smoking is that it provides relaxation, just as using a pacifier tranquilizes an infant. Many people treat anxiety and stress with some form of oral activity like smoking cigarettes or eating. Hypnotic relaxation can replace the comfort factor derived from smoking cigarettes, which reduces the strong cravings and produces stop smoking benefits instead. The mind can be conditioned to substitute the same feelings from other activities that are positive, not negative. Neuro-linguistic programming techniques can educate the brain to remove any connection between smoking cigarettes and comfort.

Lastly, part of the smoking addiction is plain old Pavlovian conditioning. Smokers learn to link smoking with certain activities, from the movie cliché of smoking immediately after physical relations to automatically lighting a cigarette while drinking or viewing TV or talking on the phone. Here quit smoking hypnotherapy can permanently sever the association, and when the link is no longer there, there will be no conditioned reaction to light up when the coffee is poured or the cocktail is served. The mind is conditioned to associate good things with the former triggers, or to recall the advantages of quitting or the created by having the smoke.

A certified hypnotherapist will use both positive and negative associations to replace programmed associations with smoking, selecting those most meaningful for an individual patient. Self-Hypnosis to quit smoking is the only modality that can custom fit the treatment to each of the three reasons for smoking and completely eliminate them. Virtually everyone quitting requires supportBusiness Management Articles, but only smoking cessation hypnosis effectively make you your own support team.

Understanding a Thai Buddha Amulet

Understanding a Thai Buddha Amulet

There is no denying that all over the world there exists a fascination for the Buddhist religion. From having the Laughing Buddha inside your home to trying to bring the good “chi” inside the house, people have tried and done it all

On that note, let us take a look at one of the most favourite antique Buddhist element of all – the Thai Buddha amulet, the many types of it and all of the meanings associated with those spiritual and holy amulets.


There are five primary kinds of Buddhist amulets – the Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang, the Phra Rod, the Phra Nang Phaya, the Phra Phong Suphan and the Phra Sum Kor which are together called BenjaPhakhi. Every single one of the Thai Buddhist amulet is produce. d in sacred or holy temples by holy priests and each of them are blessed. The costs of these amulets are based on their ages, materials used and the priest that has made them. For instance, an amulet which is made recently will obviously cost less than the one which has been made a long time ago by someone who is at a higher standing rank as a priest.


The Phra Somdej, one of the most prized antique amulets to exist, is supposed to bring the wearer luck and good fortune. It is also a common Buddhist practice to have a Buddhist amulet at the base of any monastery or stupa. This is evident in the discovery of the Phra Rod amulet, the name of which came from it being found inside a partially broken old stupa in Wat Mahawan during the first half of the time of King Chulalongkorn. The Phra Nang Phaya, on the other hand, was found when some people tried to dig a piece of land in order to set up for the appearance of King Chulalongkorn. On the other hand, the story surrounding the Phra Phong Suphan amulet is a little different. Apparently, some local robbers had come to loot under the Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat. Then, the government ordered that an official digging be carried out in order to see what was lost and what remained, and that is how the Phra Phong Suphan was discovered. Finally, the Phra Sum Kor, which were found at Wat Phraboromthat Nakhonchum by Somdej Toh along with a bunch of ancient tablets that explained the processes of how amulets were made.


The primary use of the Thai Buddhist amulet, antique or not, is spiritual healing, finding peace and praying to the Lord Buddha. This means that one cannot or rather, should not use the Thai Buddhist amulets as a fashion entity. One of the basic rules of wearing the Thai amulet is to wash your hands thoroughly before wearing it and before taking it off. While wearing it, you can recite any mantra that helps you find peace, the most common Thai mantra being “Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sam buddha ssa”.


Unfortunately, a lot of times, people are diverted from the original purposes of amulets, and as a result of this, often sell fake amulets, especially to foreign tourists. There exists, not particular way of separating them from the originals. ThusScience Articles, the best way is to take with you someone who has had an experience wearing amulets at some point in their lives.


Morphing Monasteries: Commercial Buddhism in Thailand | The New York Times

Morphing Monasteries: Commercial Buddhism in Thailand | The New York Times

Morphing Monasteries: Commercial Buddhism in Thailand | The New York Times

Buddhism has been a way of life in Thailand for centuries, but inside the most popular temples is a trend that critics call “fast-food Buddhism.”

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Morphing Monasteries: Commercial Buddhism in Thailand

Dating with altered contest is normal. I adopt these interracial relationships. From the inside, is Thai woman abandoned aback she gets affiliated with a singles American man? We don’t apperceive it. As we alive on this avant-garde century, singles Thai dating women for alliance column their personals ads to acquisition adulation online is common. Acceptable luck to you and ambition you will acquisition a acceptable anatomy acquaintance in the future. 

Why admirable Thailand women about-face to the Western man? I may anticipate the acumen my wife loves me is because I adulation her. This is the capital acumen why I affiliated her and brought her aback to my country to live. How about the aboriginal time aback I met her online? Does she absolutely adulation me by that time aback we were aloof met a few times on the dating sites and babble on the chatting room? I don’t anticipate so. Aback I came to Bangkok to see her the aboriginal time and got affiliated with her, she may not adulation me yet. However, aback I bought her aback to my country and alive with her, she loves me. The capital acumen is that I account her and adulation her and amusement her like a queen, my woman avalanche on me by my characteristics. 

Thailand women are one of the  most popular women on the world. When I took my Thai woman to alien to my affiliated guys friends, they all backbiting at my lifestyle. My Thailand woman is adolescent than me for 19 years old. I absolutely accede her as a angel in my heart. She is so cute, skinny, baby body, and pretty. I am a European guy to ally this Asian lady, is my honor. Since I got afar with my European wife, I was absorbed in Asian women, abnormally Thailand women. I spent about two weeks in Bangkok on my leisure time and absolutely got absorbed in women here. They are so admirable and sexy. Aback I came back, I got online actual and acquaint my claimed ad there. Within three months, I accept begin about two Thai girls at Thailand dating casework I abutting with. 

Thai women gluttonous men for alliance are everywhere, in Bangkok, Thailand, or in added countries. They are admirable singles women who are attractive for a alliance on the Internet. They are singles, but they appetite attending for a accomplice from added countries or in Thailand. If you are a singles man who wants to attending for an Asian wifeBusiness Management Articles, again you are activity to the appropriate track. Thailand dating account is the way you are activity to. Because these dating casework accept bags of singles Asian girls who acquaint their personals ads online to attending for a companion. Most of them are analytic for a continued appellation accord that advance to a marriage. None of them are attractive for a abbreviate appellation relationship. You should accept that. Find Thai women seeking men for marriage at free Thailand dating sites.




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Master Your Destiny

Master Your Destiny

So how does it work? Very simply – the subconscious mind stores ‘things’ gathered from our senses, our experiences, our genes, and everything that we come in contact with and see. The stored ‘things’ are harmless, but useful, unless subjected to bad programming – a bit like a computer, the data will sit in the memory banks until accessed. If accessed and manipulated incorrectly then the wrong information will be displayed. Programming the mind is a learning process of clear and precise repetition. The combination of the stored things and the programming, influence our belief systems. This impacts on our confidence, or lack of, our opinions, our mannerisms, etc.

Confidence comes from: learning, practicing and belief. For example: when you first get into a car could you believe that one day you would do all the consecutive actions that you need to do to drive that car? I know I didn’t but now I don’t consciously think about driving a car – I just do it. During our lives we are subjected to many opinions and comments that repeated often enough become ‘true’. Unfortunately, it is human nature to believe the negative comments, especially about ourselves, rather than the positive ones.
Let me try and explain: during my paid employment I met constantly with bosses telling me that I didn’t have the ability or the education to get the promotion I was looking for. Consequently, I had a many jobs. I developed a sense of frustration, culminating in the belief that they were right and I was wrong. However, I knew there was more to me. With my family’s support I went to university, as a mature age student. I obtained an undergraduate degree and later a post-graduate degree.

Now I have my own business as a wellness, nutrition and body shaping coach and distributor of the finest high quality nutritional and skin care products. For this change to occur I had to change my negative self-talk and beliefs about myself. The same is true for you. The negative beliefs about yourself not being able to achieve those dreams can be broken with support and guidance and with actions carried out by yourself.

It is very simple to make a decision that you want to achieve , allow yourself to believe you can do it and guess what you will do it. Just changing a few things that you do regularly will get you that goal you are aiming for:

1 How many times do you say “I Can’t!”?
Well, stop yourself every time, take a deep breath, smile and say: “ I CAN! ”

2 How many times do you look at yourself in the mirror and don’t like what you see?
Well next time (and every time) smile and say:
Your brain is a muscle too, it needs powerful nutrition – so feed it, help develop your self-belief system and cope with the coming festive season:

“You are your own scriptwriter and the play is never finished, no matter
what your age or position in life” Denis Waitley

Cheryl Haining is a skin care, body shape and nutrition coach. She has her own successful business. Her mission statement is to ensure everyone reaches his or her optimum body shape, size and condition. Contact Cheryl at or email her at
To learn how to create your own income stream from home visit