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Sleep Hypnosis to Fall Asleep Fast | Circadian Reset for Deep Sleep (Sleep Meditation Relaxation)

Sleep Hypnosis to Fall Asleep Fast | Circadian Reset for Deep Sleep (Sleep Meditation Relaxation)

Sleep Hypnosis to Fall Asleep Fast | Circadian Reset for Deep Sleep (Sleep Meditation Relaxation)

Welcome to this sleep hypnosis to fall asleep fast and reset your natural circadian rhythms before a relaxing, deep sleep.

This guided hypnosis experience is a form of sleep meditation with spoken suggestions for complete relaxation, accompanied with a soothing soundscape of gentle background sleeping music and calm ocean waves.

This hypnotic session combines aspects of self hypnosis, guided meditation and guided visualization to allow a serene sense of floating and drifting into into blissfully tranquil, positive dreams.

Listen along and allow yourself to relax deeply, as you learn how to let go of physical tensions in the body, as well as melt away unwanted stresses or worries in the mind. Reduce the effects of overthinking, as you turn down any excessive noise of mind chatter by more easily floating and drifting into blissful sleep at every bedtime.

I hope you relax and enjoy this journey towards your positive self empowerment 🙂

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This session is suitable for repeated listening. Regular listening to hypnosis will help compound all positive suggestions for your own holistic healing results.

The ending of this session will offer suggestions for drifting and dreaming into a peacefully deep, refreshing and rejuvenating sleep. This track may also be useful for relieving symptoms of insomnia, depression, anxiety and rumination.


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“Daydreams” – by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind | Dr. Joe Dispenza on Impact Theory

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind | Dr. Joe Dispenza on Impact Theory

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind | Dr. Joe Dispenza on Impact Theory

Dr. Joe Dispenza is teaching the world how to empower and heal our mind through meditation and mindfulness. His studies have proven that when well practiced these tools can put us on the path to understanding and breaking deep-rooted bad habits and even heal illnesses. The author of Becoming Supernatural explains how to stop your mind from controlling you on this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.

Joe describes how habits and experiences shape us over time. [2:40]

Joe speaks on the relationship between your body and the unconsciousness mind. [12:10]

Joe details the power meditation can have on the way you think and live. [16:20]

Joe and Tom discuss the roadblocks of creating long-term change. [23:03]

Joe explains how epigenetics contribute to change. [27:40]

Joe tells the impact he wants to have on the world. [30:46]

“Emotions are the end product of past experiences.” [3:20]

“The best way to predict your future is to create it, not from the known but from the unknown. What thoughts do you want to fire and wire in your brain? What behaviors do you want to demonstrate in one day? The active rehearsing, then mentally closing your eyes and rehearsing the action.” [13:15]

“The moment you start feeling abundant and worthy, you are generating wealth. The moment you’re empowered and feel it, you’re beginning to step towards your success. The moment you start feeling whole, your healing begins and when you love yourself and you love all of life, you will create an equal and now you’re causing an effect.” [14:57]

“Knowledge is power, but knowledge about yourself is self empowerment.” [24:10]


Watson and Crick [27:55]

Epigenetic Testing [1:11]
Brain Mapping [1:12]
Gas Discharge Visualization Technology [1:13]
Metacognition [20:35]

You Are The Placebo [1:28]
Becoming Supernatural [2:07]

HEAL [2:01]
People v. the State of Illusion [2:03]
Unleashing Creativity [2:04]

Your mind power is not your IQ. It is not the innate potential of your mind, but the actual and habitual use and development of that potential. In other words, it isn’t how smart you are that counts, but how you use it. Here are three things you can do to make your mind more effective.

Brain Exercises

Regular use and “exercising” of the brain has been shown to generate new neuronal growth, and even halt the decline of mental function that often comes with age. Try numerous brain exercises, and when you find the ones that you enjoy, make doing them a habit. A study will someday prove that old people who do their crossword puzzle every Sunday morning maintain their mental function longer. Some other ways to increase that mind power:

– Do mental math while driving.

– Look around at things and redesign them in your mind.

– Sing a song, inventing the lyrics as you go.

– Learn a memory technique and use it daily.

Discipline Yourself

A recent study, reported in the journal Psychological Science, found that while IQ level did correlate with academic performance, there was actually a much stronger correlation with self discipline. Those students with high self-discipline have much better grades than high-IQ students. They also found that there was no correlation between IQ and discipline (they varied independently).

Again, this shows that it isn’t how smart you are, but how you use it. Self discipline doesn’t necessarily mean willpower, by the way. It can be accomplished by starting with simple and easy steps and creating good habits over time. A great mind power practice is to get in the habit of regularly building good habits.

Train Your Body

It has been shown that activities which involve timing and coordination cause dendrite growth in the brain. More dendrites mean more possible connections in your brain. More connections mean your thinking and learning can be more flexible and efficient. Physical exercise, then, of the right type, is also mind power exercise.

The activities most likely to help include any athletic activities that require a lot of coordination and timing, such as basketball, soccer, and tossing around a frisbee. Other good mind power activities are playing musical instruments, especially when it requires precise timing (piano playing), and painting or drawingFree Articles, which involve hand-eye coordination.

Photonic Crystals Market 2016: Global Industry Review, Research, Statistics, and Growth to 2021

Photonic Crystals Market 2016: Global Industry Review, Research, Statistics, and Growth to 2021

Global Market Research Report on Photonic Crystals Market 2016 is a professional and in-depth complete study on the current state of the Photonic Crystals worldwide.

Photonic Crystals are attractive optical materials for controlling and manipulating the flow of light. The global market for components and modules using Photonic Crystals indicates a CAGR of 33.1% and is estimated to reach $20.4 billion in 2017.

The major drivers would be its applications having extra-ordinary growth i.e. CAGR of 61.6% in Solar and PV cells and CAGR of 39% in LED segment with forecasts value of $4.1 Billion and $7.5 billion in 2017 respectively.

The Photonic Crystals are seen as an alternative for semi-conductor fabrication; however, there would be a need for strong technological advancements to overpower the existing electronic segment. The semi-conductor foundry market has seen a 16.2% rise from 2011 to 2012 and reached $24.6 Billion value.

The key players in this market are Opalux, Corning Incorporated, Epistar, Fianium, Furukawa Electric, Luxtaltek Corporation, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Sandia and Lockheed Martin, L.P. (HP Labs), ICX Photonics.

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• It provides information about current market situation, changing market dynamics, expected trends and market intelligence.
• Porters five forces and SWOT analysis are provided to aid in developing future strategies.
• Information about key players and their strategic moves.
• Micro level analysis based on construction strategies, applications and geography.
• It helps in understanding these market segments and its scope.
• Competitive strategy analysis for effective planning and execution of business plan.


• One-dimensional Photonic Crystals
• Two-dimensional Photonic Crystals
• Three-dimensional Photonic Crystals


• North America
• Europe
• Asia


• Displays
• Optical fibers
• LEDs
• Discrete and Integrated optical components
• Image sensors
• Solar and PV cells
• Lasers
• Biosources

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• Photonic Crystals providing companies, dealers and wholesalers
• Potential entrants interested in entering this market
• Experts and people involved in the development of components and modules
• Academic and Research institutes
• End-application device vendors who can use the superior attributes of Photonic Crystals in their products.

About Market Research Store

Market Research Store is a single destination for all the industry, company and country reports. We feature large repository of latest industry reports, leading and niche company profiles, and market statistics released by reputed private publishers and public organizations. Market Research Store is the comprehensive collection of market intelligence products and services available on air. We have market research reports from number of leading publishers and update our collection daily to provide our clients with the instant online access to our database. With access to this database, our clients will be able to benefit from expert insights on global industries, products, and market trends.

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Best Luxury Cars NEWEST 2019-2018

Best Luxury Cars NEWEST 2019-2018

Best Luxury Cars NEWEST 2019-2018

#luxurycar #mostexpensive #2019 #bestcars
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Pocket Watch-A watch that makes you punctual

Pocket Watch-A watch that makes you punctual

Do you want a high quality and good-looking Pocket Watch? If yes
then bring the Petal Quartz Antique Pocket Watch to your home. This is a
beautiful looking Quartz Antique Pocket Watch that is new market. This
hunter-case Pocket Watch features petal pattern and special design .this is a
very unique watch to others, which also puts a unique touch on a traditional
style. With the elegant and fashionable antique style, this Quartz Pocket Watch
greatly suitable for any occasion. You can wear this Petal Quartz Antique Pocket
Watch in all events or even in daily uses. You can keep you on time with this
beautiful Petal Quartz Antique Pocket Watch. This is a fine antique Pocket
Watch that looks beautiful in design and also very comfortable in hand. You can
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You can also add a classic touch to every outfit with this simple
Petal Quartz Antique Pocket Watch. This one is a stunning fashionable and
functional Necklace Watch that keeps you different and handsome in party. The
Petal Quartz Antique Pocket Watch is constructed with high quality material
with steel case that makes it working for long years. You can wear this Petal
Quartz Antique Pocket Watch in all season. It is fully waterproof so there is
no chance of getting it damaged even in rainy season. The Quartz Pocket Watch
with precise time makes you ready for the office on time and keeps good time.
This is a fine antique Pocket Watch that is very beautiful to look at and
comfortable in hand. Its color is so sweet that it can suit on every dress.

This beautiful antique Pocket Watch is
available in great condition and running perfectly. The beautiful looking Petal
Quartz Antique Pocket Watch is especially perfect for students. If you are a
student, you can maintain your time table with the help of this lovely looking
watch. It can even be used in exam hour’s .with Petal Quartz Antique Pocket
Watch; you can solve you papers keeping the time in mind. Moreover you will
never get late for your offices or your school if you have a beautiful Antique Pocket
Watch. The Tungsten Steel material also makes it shiny and the Silver color
adds extra beauty on this lovely looking Petal Quartz Antique Pocket Watch.

You can get this watch in watch Diameter of 4.8cm / 1.9in and in the
thickness of 1cm / 0.4in.the Chain Length of 37.5cm / 14.8in is the perfect
size. So don’t be lateHealth Fitness Articles, bring it today and keep you on time.

Ganesh Amulets, Pendants, Statues |

Ganesh Amulets, Pendants, Statues |

Ganesh Amulets, Pendants, Statues |

Ganesh Amulets – Overview of our Inventory
This is an overview of our Ganesh amulet inventory (Ganesha). Ganesh is the God of Obstacles – placing and removing obstacles in our lives. We have Ganesh amulets with gold rim case, fancy gold cases, waterproof cases, and silver plated and solid silver cases. Our Ganesh amulets range from around $20 to over $400 USD. If you like one of the Ganesh amulets you see in the video, please write quickly to see if we have it and can rent it to you. We have many people that buy our amulets on a monthly basis and it is always sad to tell someone, sorry, we just sold that amulet!

* * * * * * * * * *
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History is something, which intrigues almost all of us in varying proportions. The study of the past tells us about the evolution of man

The evidences of the past is what makes the entire process of digging into the past interesting. It is bewildering to come across of relics of the ancient ages even today. A number of scientific processes have come up that help to research the many findings of the past. These relics help us to understand which era they belong to and hence throw further light on the details of that period.

There are many who collect these relics very passionately. They travel far and
wide to get hold of these relics to add to their precious collection. Among collectors a known favorite relic are Buddha statues. The various statues found in various parts of the world hint about the spread of Buddhism. Some of the statues are absolutely stunning and portray the kind of art that was pursued in the world. Another interesting object that people are seen to collect is Thai amulets that were used to ward off the evil in the ancient times.

Online shopping and retail is the shizz of this age. The convenience of online shopping is unparalleled. People in this era are extremely busy all the time. They want to relax back at home in the little time that they get for themselves. This is the main reason why bringing shopping to the doorstep of the customers have proved to be such a hit.

Some websites are also offering the opportunity to collect relics from all over the world. A huge collection is available in the websites and you can take your pick according to your interest and budget. The artifacts and relics are preserved using the best methodologies. If you have any complaints regarding the object you have received then you can always return it.

The website ensures that your interest in collecting the artifacts doesn’t come to a standstill because of lack of time. You can sit and browse through the well-designed user friendly designs and order at your own convenience.

The various relics such as Buddha statues and large clay pots are often used for decoration purposes in hotels and offices. The old world feel of these relics add to the ambience of the place in which they are kept. The intricate art work found in these artifacts keep people in awe. Some of the relics are so full of grandeur that it adds power to a campus or a building, which keeps them.

Old paintings and statues of various sizes that is kept at home for decoration purposes also add a very elegant enigma to the home. Thus, these websites are becoming famous by the day for the unique collection of interesting relics that they are keeping in stock. For those passionate about these historical artifacts, these websites are a complete dream come true.

A very important factor that needs to be kept in mind while buying these relics is that you need to see that the authentication certificate is sent along with the relic. Verify this certificate before accepting the product so that you are sure that you have the artifact that you ordered.

So go ahead and order the relics and artifacts that have always interested you.

Rutile – The Crystal of Shining Bright

Rutile – The Crystal of Shining Bright

Rutile – The Crystal of Shining Bright

The golden strands of Rutile are both protective and healing. Said to be the hairs of many goddesses and angels, Rutile’s golden shimmer shields you from any harm along your path. Use Rutile in meditation and healings focused on reconciling past issues – especially those that are related to your family or ancestors. Moving forward Rutile allows your inner light to shine, ensuring you always put your best foot forward and you embrace the joys of living. Clear Quartz, which Rutile is normally found within, amplifies the radiant qualities of the crystal.

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10 Practical Fashion Trends 2019 That Are Easy To Wear | Spring/Summer 2019

10 Practical Fashion Trends 2019 That Are Easy To Wear | Spring/Summer 2019

10 Practical Fashion Trends 2019 That Are Easy To Wear | Spring/Summer 2019

This video is all about 10 fashion trends of 2019 that are practical, easy to wear and I even show you how to wear them! There are obviously more than 10 trends, but these are some of the ones that I thought were interesting and that I liked. Some of these are also repeats, but are too good not to talk about. Hope you enjoy! If you did, give me a thumbs up and leave me a comment to let me know which trend you’re looking forward to!

#2019FashionTrends #PracticalFashion #FashionTrends

Cowboy Boots-
Fringe Jackets-
Fringe Skirt-
Neon/Bold Dresses-
Cropped Denim Jacket-
Floral Dresses-
Floral Top-
Levi’s Jeans-
Khaki Jacket-
Metallic Top-
White Blazer-
Sequin Top-
Lack of Color Hat-
Puff Shoulder Tops-
Pleated Skirts-
Tie Dye Dresses-




SNAPCHAT | boyernaomi or

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The Buddha's Path (The Middle Way) – Professor Trainor

The Buddha's Path (The Middle Way) – Professor Trainor

The Buddha's Path (The Middle Way) – Professor Trainor

Wandering in his search for enlightenment, Buddha came to a pleasant hermitage by a lovely stream, where, for six years, he joined five mendicants in a way of discipline based on progressively severe fasting. He ate a single grain of rice for each of the first two years, drank a single drop of water for each of the second two years, and took nothing at all during the last two. Consequently, his bones stuck out like a row of spindles, and when he touched his stomach, he could almost feel his spine. His hair fell out and his skin became withered.
But all this was in vain. However severe his austerities, perhaps even because of them, the body still clamored for attention, and he was still plagued by material craving. In fact, he seemed more conscious of himself than ever. Buddha had to face the fact that asceticism had failed to redeem him. All he had achieved after this heroic assault upon his body was a prominent rib cage, and a dangerously weakened physique.

Finally, it dawned upon him that physical austerity is one of the two extremes, and that the ‘Middle Way between these two extremes is the path to enlightenment.

Having gained enlightenment, Gautama came to be called Shakyamuni, or the silent lion, indicating the explosive potential he carried within himself.
After he became enlightened, he taught that the way to eliminate suffering begins with understanding the true nature of the world. However, the Buddha considered knowledge important only insofar as it remains practical. He rejected speculation about such matters as God, the nature of the universe, and the afterlife, urging his followers to focus instead on the Four Noble Truths by which they can free themselves from suffering.
“One thing I teach: suffering and the end of suffering.
It is just ill and the ceasing of ill that I proclaim.”
– The Buddha


It so happened one day that my spouse and I were taking  a trip to the
furniture store, disagreeing as usual about what kind of furniture to
get and not coming to any solution. We have always had our little
stylistic disagreements in the past, and so when the time came to
purchase new furniture, there was certain to be some more discussion.

To explain things a bit, we have both had our different styles, for as
long as we’ve known each other. I have always been more interested in
things having a history behind them. Whether that relates to movies,
food, travel, or simply to buying new furniture, I have always liked
anything which brings the past into the present and gives things a feel
of permanence. 

On the other hand, my spouse has almost the complete opposite stylistic
inclinations. The food must always be different and new, the places we
go to the next hot spot and the movies alternative and very trendy. The
same thing of course applied to furniture—so you can imagine how things
started out.

We were then arguing about what to buy for the bedroom. My spouse of
course was more interested in getting something quite new, and pointed
out in a magazine this contemporary platform bed, so low to the ground that you’d feel like you were sleeping on the floor.

Instead, I turned the pages a bit to more traditional bedroom furniture,
a bed that you could easily get on and get off without the necessity of
kneeling, and something that you could actually see the floor beneath
it. The bed had some nice ornamentation on it, which made for a very
beautiful look, and by the way, a comfortable looking mattress.

The end result was that we continued to argue all the way to the
furniture store and then started to look at everything from sectional
sofas, to kitchen sets, until we finally got to the bedroom section. So
how do you think our day trip to the store ended?

We actually wanted a bed and a nightstand, which did complicate
matters, since we didn’t want two different styles in the same room,
which would make for a very odd look. In the end, the decision that we
did come to, was to go with something in between, and hence we went for
a more traditional but modern style for the bed and nightstand, and
since we had always wanted to get something else in the living room, we
went for a slightly more modern leather recliner. The result of our compromising was that the house now has a very interesting look. 

The point of the story is that even in a situation where you have two
people living in the same house with very different styles, you can
still come to a solution when it comes to furnishing things.  You just
need to learn how to compromise in the right way. What is really
interesting about this is that in the end you may just find that your
house looks much better than it normally would have with just a single
style. Because of our stylistic differences, my spouse and I have
definitely made for an interesting look.

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Platform beds are the in thing for people fond of modern bedroom furniture. They look classy and give the bedroom a very contemporary feel.