Going Off-Road in the Vary Rover Sport Supercharged V8

Time for a splash with MsShmee at the Land Rover Encounter Centre in Carmel, California. As we head up the coastline from LA in the Jaguar F-Variety we quit by the centre for an knowledge both equally with the off-road facilities that are on offer you and on road toward Significant Sur in the Vary Rover Sport Supercharged with a 510hp V8 underneath the hood.

If you’re in the spot, I totally advise a visit to the centre at Quail Lodge, a lot more at: http://www.quaillodge.com/functions/land-rover-driving-faculty

An extended many thanks to both equally Lynnea and Mark, we both equally hugely loved the working day and arrived absent extremely amazed with the capabilities of the motor vehicle.

Many thanks for seeing, Tim

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44 thoughts on “Going Off-Road in the Vary Rover Sport Supercharged V8

  1. I have a 2009 RR supercharged but never taken it on extreme off roading… its just too expensive but loved driving it on snow. Someday I will get me Jeep Rubicon just for fun off roading.

  2. haha, not bad way to spend the day 🙂 I enjoy your reviews and experiences, got yourself another subscriber.
     This is great, its exactly as I would feel doing this for the first time, like thinking holy Sh*t when the 4WD is really tilting over 🙂
     Sadly we don't have any of these LR experience centers in Australia.

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