OFFROAD 2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Suzuki’s response to the European demand for a Grand Vitara with more urban style. This model will start reaching European dealers in the early summer.
Since 1988, that was when the first-generation Vitara was unveiled, Suzuki has consistently used a ladder frame and offered a 4×4 lock mode — key requirements for genuine 4×4 capability. At the same time, we’ve steadily improved on-road performance amid the growing popularity of crossovers. The current, third-generation Grand Vitara has a sleek, edgy exterior and interior design. It has a rear-mounted spare tyre — a symbol of its SUV identity.
As a stylish sport utility vehicle (SUV), the Grand Vitara’s third generation has been appreciated and praised not only by dedicated SUV fans but also by customers who live in urban areas.
For an even greater urban style, Suzuki is now set to additionally offer the urban version that emphasises the sense of nimbleness and quality. Coming without a spare tyre at the tailgate the urban cross-country vehicle presents itself in a more stylish shape making it more suitable for city driving.


28 thoughts on “OFFROAD 2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara

  1. Suzukis are the best when it comes to offroading. Old models have much more option for off-road modification tho . I hope new ones would be available for new grand vitaras so we can actually start going for some real offroad soon 🙂

  2. Nice video. I liked hearing the sound of the engine and the tires instead of some disgusting music than many people put on their videos. Don't know about Suzukis though, but they seem to be much better than the expert reviewers give them credit for.

  3. Я, как владелец такого же агрегата, заявляю: видео – отстой! в таких условиях даже велосипед проедет. Внедорожная тема не раскрыта! Минусую!

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