Off Road Lawn Mower Racing (Time Attack/GoPro)

This is the “Cony Roaders” Off Road lawn mower jamboree. Probably the largest gathering of off road lawn mowers anywhere. This was my second run in the the Time Trial event.
I think my time was 1:58.xx
I would have been faster if I didn’t pull the tether kill switch right at the end.

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44 thoughts on “Off Road Lawn Mower Racing (Time Attack/GoPro)

  1. Got a suggestion for the gopro mount! If you'd like to keep mud off the lens, just make a plate of something lightweight [plexiglass, cardboard, etc] that extends out the front a few inches level with the bottom of the cam. It'll be enough to keep off what the rear tires chuck at it!

  2. Howdy fearless. Got a question of you. Do you know if it is possible to run gear lube in a peerless 930 transaxle? The ma up for those things shows to use bentonite grease, but there is a plugged hole on the top of it by the shifting shaft that could be used as a fill hole. I really have no issues with trying to run it, just don't want to have a shit ton of it squirting out everywhere after cleaning everything up on it and would like your insight on it! Take care.

  3. this shows the major difference between modified lawn tractors and ATVs….simply put, you ride on an ATV, but sit on a tractor. i am considering making some kind of seat that is more ATV-like….so i can hang on to the tractor in the curves, better…and maybe adding a handle bar instead of a steering wheel. also, the balance and center of gravity of a tractor is a LOT different from an ATV. at least, it feels like it to me. seems like a good compromise would be kind of a hybrid of both ATV and tractor. i see dead ATVs for sale cheap all the time…..hmmmmm

  4. at that time you pulled the engine tether,it almost looked like an ejector seat was in the making. have you tried lowering the pressure in the tyres,  getting some extra side wall flex will help absorb the bumps a little better, plus it helps keeps the rubber loaded giving more grip and thus leads to  better track time.main problem with lawn mowers,,, they are not designed to deal with bumps at any speed what so ever ,you need some suspension travel. 
    25 mph does not seem fast but is enough speed to break bones, making it a little more exciting making sure you don't hit those trees.. lol

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