Off-Road Review: 2014 Honda CR-V on Everyman Driver

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20 thoughts on “Off-Road Review: 2014 Honda CR-V on Everyman Driver

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  2. Would anyone ask Honda technical team for a CR-V AWD ECU firmware reprogramming for us, in order to add the hill climb terrain which thre rear wheels failed to cope because the clutch type rear differential was insufficient to send the required torque to the rear wheels???? The clutch type rear differentials should be able to send 100% torque to the rear wheels when needed. Why not adding this hill climb terrain simulation in the AWD firmware????? No offence but the AWD system is not capable enough for off road use. The rear torque is limited to make it up the hill and rear wheels fail to kick in when pushed. Thanks for the video.

  3. Nothing beats a Subaru.  I once played with mine on the streets of a neighborhood 9000 feet up in the Wasatch Mountains during a heavy snow storm.  The roads were not plowed, and was deep enough to block the car's grille.  I finally got stuck…..going DOWN a steep hill……because I plowed so much snow up in front of me that the car couldn't physically push any more.  I simple reversed back up the hill. 

  4. man I love this guy. he's the only car reviewer on YouTube that don't pussy foot around in an awd. run it through the riggers man! that's what I'm talking about!   Mazda in a mud hole has to be my favorite or maybe Toyota pond hopping.

  5. What kind of tires are used in these tests?
    Are they REAL snow tires like the Hakkapeliitta R2?
    Or just the standard OEM tires that came with the vehicle?

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