2016 Toyota Tacoma On and Extreme Off-Road Test Drive in Tacoma Washington

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma is all new from the ground up. With its new Multi Terrain Select and crawl mode, it makes even the most amateur off roaders like myself look like a seasoned pro. Since there are many different engine/transmissions/cab combinations available, this is just a general review.


31 thoughts on “2016 Toyota Tacoma On and Extreme Off-Road Test Drive in Tacoma Washington

  1. My coworker bought a dark grey SR5 access cab 3 months ago. Had all but 5 miles on the odo. He got the 5 speed stick as well. I'm in love with the truck. It's such a humble machine that doesn't try to be anything else but what it is. And like the review said, for an out of the box vehicle, it handles the rough and dirty stuff with such ease. Not to say Taco's are invincible, but I sure as hell felt invincible driving it and the truck genuinely feels like it's indestructible. Like Toyota made the thing with a solid block of granite or something.

  2. Does anyone have the new access cab? I was gonna buy 1 today but I couldn't decide on the 4 door trd or access cab trd! I don't have kids or anything and I'd like to sleep in the back when I camp but it's not that big of a deal. The 4 door could also be a pain because I don't want to taxi lol. However it could be handy sometimes

  3. I see a lot of demos of the crawl control on sand and gravel, but I want to see how the crawl control performs on snow and wet and muddy terrains where there is less traction. Can you do one.

  4. just drove my 2013 Tacoma (first one I owned, but not the last) up the Dempster highway above the arctic circle. Awesome performance. 2000 km of washboard potholes mud etc(1200 miles)

  5. The front end is growing on me. But I still hate the interior and no improvement on driving position. Drum brakes = Fail for me. I want disc. Overall without driving it. 3 out of 5.

  6. Darn! I like this '16 Taco Truck a lot! However, I told my '08 T4R SR5 4WD that I would keep her until I died or until she turned 350,000 miles; which ever came first. That sounded fair to me.

  7. It's a good truck but why did they go with rear drum brakes again? It would be nice to have four disc brakes. I'm already settling for a V6 in the Tacoma; why should I also settle for drum brakes too?
    And then there's the C frame vs box frame discussion.
    Nice stock off-road performance though.

  8. damn…i want one.  I love ugly as a truck should look.   You want pretty girly minivan trucks go get a chevy truck.   But if you want reliable, durable, go anywhere badass trucks get a Toyota Truck.   Get you there and back home.   Any other brand Might get you there and leave you stranded!   Tacoma looks ugly cut and tough!   Long live King Tacoma!

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