2014 Toyota Highlander Off-Road Review: Colorado Muddy Mess Test

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Toyota Highlander can go off-road. In fact it will do just fine on a dirt road. But what happens when that road turns snowy, muddy, messy and slippery. In another accurate fun and informative TFLcar off-road review Nathan and Andre find out just how the new 2014 Toyota Highlander handles the Colorado mountains in the spring.

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39 thoughts on “2014 Toyota Highlander Off-Road Review: Colorado Muddy Mess Test

  1. My dad brought home one of these 2017's as a loaner. I tried it out in my front yard. It is so weird to have the pedal FLOORED but to just sit there as each wheel barely moves. As soon as it detects any slip it cuts power to that wheel. Got me through situations but just looked a little tame doing it! lol

  2. There is an invention called traction control. it stops the wheels from spinning and transfers the power to the other wheel. I see you have this turned off. This is a technology that really helps open differentials. This review was not very good in terms of covering the off road capabilities. Everyone has their bias but, try to use the technology as it is designed for these situations. The highlander does pretty good. The tires… lol… don't get me started.

  3. My almost new 2015 Highlander FWD has lost alignment 2 times in less than 6 months. The second time was in under a week of getting the alignment fixed. And I just drive all highway miles to work. The dealer said that any pothole or curb contact can throw it off alignment. I see in the Video that car is taking on quite a rough ride, and I am pissed off mine cant even handle potholes on a regular highway! Dont like the feel I am driving a sensitive car that only looks tough 😐

  4. @9:0 he says "19" wheels, By the way I think they're actually gorgeous on this thing" BS meter is at the MAX here. Come on! They are plastic HUB CAPS SUCKER!

    This guy sounds like a professional BS artist, or is spoon fed what points to make on the car by some marketing guy.  I like the tests you run the car through, but you dance around all the brands like your walking on eggshells.  Nothing brutally honest about this review here.

  5. Just one correction.  To the best of my knowledge there is no center locking differential.  I thought that too upon buying it and seeing the button.  Sales people have no idea.  Basically the lock button (for lack of anything else to call it) is an AWD lock button that locks distribution of torque at 50/50 front to back (like the 2nd gen highlander).  However, the system works with all open differentials so this operates like the 2nd gen highlander when the button is pushed. No matter when it is pushed or not, when a wheel slips it will continue to slip until the ABS system locks it down and allows distribution of torque to the non slipping tires.  The 50/50 split will now only work up to 25 mph.  Generally the system operates front wheel biased based on Toyotas dynamic torque control system which monitors acceleration, steering angles, yaw rate, etc and moves torque distribution from front to back based on these things. As I have an indicator called AWD control (XLE model and above) you can see this live while driving where torque is distributed.  Generally at highways speeds its mostly front wheel drive. 

  6. Guys, I wanted to thank you so much for these reviews. My family and I are in the very beginning of looking for our second car and we need that 3rd row, but I also love camping and don't want to be restricted to paved campsites. I very frequently go up forest service roads here in Colorado, camping with friends, and we generally need that extra oomph from 4 wheel drive to get where we're going. These reviews (Highlander, Durango, Traverse, etc…) give me the peace of mind that my wife can drive securely in the snow, and that I can take the kiddos camping in our great Rocky Mountains, we don't need to go mudding, we just need to make it up road 700, and thanks to these, I can shop with a little more confidence in what I'm looking for!

  7. This one is on top of my list of mommy wagons currently. Cx9 is awesome, but old……so is the Pilot. No pathfinder for me. Until the time of release of the new pilot and cx9……this is the one for me.

  8. This one is on top of my list of mommy wagons currently. Cx9 is awesome, but old……so is the Pilot. No pathfinder for me. Until the time of release of the new pilot and cx9……this is the one for me.

  9. @the fast lane car hey Nathan which one would you pick the new Nissan pathfinder or this 2014 Toyota highlander in your opinion..? i rarely go off road but i do snow boarding a lot..

  10. Good review guys, did not need to know about Andre's bowel issue though. Sometimes you can share too much. Love the Highlander's looks and with proper A/T tires it seems as though it can really do it all.

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