Reckless Driver Attempts to Knock Automobile Off Highway | Instantaneous Karma

When this green motor vehicle was getting an idiot hoping to run cars and trucks off the highway, prompt karma (and the police) gets the ideal of him.
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29 thoughts on “Reckless Driver Attempts to Knock Automobile Off Highway | Instantaneous Karma

  1. Looks to me like this driver tried to ram the poor guy ahead of them off the road. They could have killed someone.

    I had interpreted "call 9-1-1" as being more about reporting this person to the police than getting an ambulance involved. This is enough for them to go to jail.

  2. Yes, aptly titled vid: Instant Karma. But, beyond the balance of evil and good I had to laugh my buttocks off at the girl filming this. She sounded so much like my sister-in-law from Brooklyn at chronomark 0:24 when she exclaims, "Oh, my Gawd!!" Played that over and over again, ehehehej

  3. I wouldn't even call 911 for a cunt like that. Leave him someone like that wouldn't call 911 if you were in trouble if he cares that little about peoples lives to drive like such a cunt

  4. Видео отстой. Водила-учитель дурак, который не знает на что способна своя же машина. В итоге самоубрался. Баба, что снимает дура, снимает вертикально, и как только пошло действие то опустила камеру. Какого хрена я вообще это смотрел)

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