OutRunner OffRoad

A lot of you asked for it, right here you go, OutRunner working OffRoad on a range of terrains !!!

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25 thoughts on “OutRunner OffRoad

  1. Soon the sound it makes while running will haunt your dreams. You will know the quiet rhythmic patting and shuffling to be the precursor of death! (cool device btw!)

  2. Add a grenade to this or C4.  Little camera, no need to lob nades at the enemy.  Military will eat this up.  Hell, add a long needle with some poison have it just bump into the person.  GG.  Put some water shoes on this thing could run on both land and water.  CRAZY!~!!

  3. +Robotics Unlimited 
    Hi, nice job. Very impressed with how stable this is at high speed. How does it go at slower speeds? Does it loose the momentum needed to compress the legs properly and balance is lost? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Did you guys run into problems with OutRunner getting tangled up on herbs or weeds? It would seem like it's possible and a single weed tangled up could bring the model to a stop. There's also the possibility of adding a way for it to stand up after it falls on its side. Overall an awesome little guy, loving the project.

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