Offroad scooter Chaos

Ever performed offroading on a one hundred twenty five scooter while carrying faux KFC burgers and coffee? If not, test this out… It can be been months considering the fact that I started up the aged one hundred twenty five scooter, and I have never filmed riding it with the gopro… Come together for this instead bizarre village crawl.


31 thoughts on “Offroad scooter Chaos

  1. I've got to say i've had the shittiest morning but this solved that! honestly this was the funniest thing I've seen in a while!
    Good to know that at least some form of KFC makes a fairly decent cup of coffee because god knows they dont here in the uk xD

  2. what kind of motorbike is that and is that how you always drive? I mean its ok you have more guts than I do riding down stairs. Channel is great never boring even some reruns. BTW any friends from South Africa ever show up there? Cheers

  3. LOL, if you hadn't already proven to me how clever and smart you are in your later videos (which are what I saw first) I'd swear you were some kind of stupid pikey twat yourself. Definitely the definitive video of how NOT to ride a 2 wheeled motorized vehicle. Also you couldn't have sat down to eat like a normal human being in the KLC ? Hilarious.

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