Skoda Yeti 4×4 (2014) OFFROAD

There are 4 diesel and 3 petrol engines to pick from for the all-new ŠKODA Yeti — all turbocharged and with immediate injection. The efficiency spectrum ranges from the 1.two TSI with seventy seven kW and one hundred and five hp to the two. TDI with a hundred twenty five kW and a hundred and seventy hp. The fifth generation entrance- or all-wheel travel with Haldex coupling is fitted dependent on the engine specs. As an automatic transmission, the ŠKODA Yeti exclusively works by using the fashionable 6 or seven-speed twin clutch transmission (DSG).

The Yeti GreenLine version with seventy seven kW 1.six TDI, entrance wheel travel and a guide gearbox provides CO2 emissions of just 119 g/km. This corresponds to a usage of four.six litres of diesel for every a hundred km (sixty one MPG).

Furthermore, there are 3 Inexperienced tec engine variants for the 103 kW two. TDI engine with guide 6-speed transmission, seventy seven kW 1.six TDI with seven-speed DSG and ninety kW 1.four TSI petrol engine with guide 6-speed transmission. The Inexperienced tec package deal consists of the begin-end system, brake strength restoration (recuperation) and very low rolling resistance tyres.

The diesel engine two. TDI with a hundred twenty five kW is now available with the excellent mix of all-wheel travel and automatic 6-speed twin clutch transmission. An automatic seven-speed twin-clutch transmission is now available for the entrance-wheel travel Yeti seventy seven kW 1.six TDI.


23 thoughts on “Skoda Yeti 4×4 (2014) OFFROAD

  1. Not bad. I have drove trails like that with my 1997 and 2004 RAV4's. The 2004 has excellent off wheel traction like this one shows. I was wondering if any other soft roader out there could match my old RAV besides Subaru. Now I think I have found a worthy replacement.

  2. И это без дорожье? Пипец, нет слов. Сейчас у меня йетик, но даже на пузотёрке шевроле авео тут я проеду без проблем, не то, что на жигуле 🙂

  3. I have had a bmw, mercedes and a renault before yeti and i can honestly say that this car is not just a hype, it is the best car from every point of view, in my opinion. It is rugged and that is exactly what i want a car to be, most of the luxury is hidden, this is a car that does not have a need to boast… I love it

  4. I have a Yeti, same Muscavado colour as the one in the video, and 2 litre turbo diesel. It is an excellent, practical, economical car. Good tow car, and superb in snow,ice, and mud. It pulls very well from a little over 1100 rpm.

  5. I wonder whethr VW make sure all SKODAs are uglier than VWs. Yeti is a pumped up stretched golf but look a lot uglier due to bread loaf shape rear end. Look has been scarificed for practicality and although I am not a badge snob driving a santa fe myself, I would never go near Yeti.

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