2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Activity Snowy Off-Road Evaluation & Misadventure

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Activity is smaller AWD crossover that competes with new vehicles like the Mazda CX-five. With just 8.five inches of ground clearance the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Activity is not engineered to go steep and deep into the snowy Colorado wilderness. In one more correct, pleasurable and educational TFLcar video clip we get caught yet yet again in the Colorado Rocky Mountains tests the newest crossover from Mitsubishi.

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22 thoughts on “2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Activity Snowy Off-Road Evaluation & Misadventure

  1. i have an outlander sport/rvr/asx ive put bfgoodrich all terrain ko2 on and i went up a mountain on an unplowed logging road ..i was pushing snow with the bumper going up hill get rid of those all season tire before you do a review of snow performance ..i mean most place in canada its illegal to have all season tires in winter

  2. Panel gap bitching on a low end 4×4? I mean really… this isn't a Lexus or Jag! Just leased my daughter an Outlander Sport after looking at Mazda, Honda, Ford and Nissan. She loves it and after driving it with her for 3 days, so do I especially with what she's paying for it. This truck is a bargain! And having plowed snow for 30 years, someone needs to teach these guys how you get through deep snow. And it isn't by mashing the pedal to the floor. sigh

  3. Oh no the 4wd car wont climb the hill with all 4 wheels spinning on the snow. Try putting some real tires on that. I get it if you're saying the M+S is a lie on the side of the all season tire. I'm willing to bet it would get around out there with some real rubber.

  4. We own a 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2.4L GT 4X4 and could not be happier! We purchased it on 10/31/16 brand new. It was $32,940.00 and after Rebates and Discounts it was $26,700.00. Our GT was higher than most as it had the Optional Navigation Package, LED Interior Illumination Package, Upgraded LED Fog Lights to match the HID Headlights, Cargo Package, Remote Engine Start, Park Assist Package, Chrome Package, Sport Package with Larger Rear Spoiler and Steel Fuel Door, Mud Guards, Rear Silver Bumper Under Cover and more!!!

    It drives like a true SUV (not those car feeling SUVs) and sits high (8+ inches of ground clearance) and does not feel like a wagon or hatchback (Honda HR-V) when you drive it. The ride is surprisingly good and handling is confident and we are getting around 26-27 mpg combined driving. You cant find a new SUV with all these Features, Capabilities, Safety, and Warranty for $27,000.00 loaded with everything. The Panoramic Roof is great and lights up with LED Mood Lighting at night (favorite feature). The 710 Watt Rockford Fosgate Audio System is amazing sounding.

    We also own a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES CVT that we purchased new and now has 13,600 miles on it and we love it. I wanted a small car that was loaded big car features and options and this little Mitsu delivers! For what I wanted on a small car with every option I could get the Mirage was perfect. We got the top trim ES (2017 top trim is the GT or SE in the Mirage G4 Sedan) with CVT and the optional Navigation & Back Up Camera Package, Chrome Package, Cargo Package, Exterior Appearance Package, Color Keyed Bodyside Moldings, Front & Rear Park Assist Package, and many more Accessories (All Weather Mitsu Floor Mats, Mitsu Shift Knob, Mitsu Factory Center Console Arm Rest and more). All the other cars in the class I looked at cost alot more when loaded out and you could not get alot of the features that the Mirage offered.

    For example even the base trim had Auto Climate Control (2017 Base Has Manual Controls), AC, PW, PL, PM, AM FM CD and Ipod Hook Up. On top of all this you get the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty and 37 city and 44 highway mpg and 40 combined. I average 43 in the city and 47 on the highway but can top 50 if careful. Even when you run this car hard and up hills it's impossible to get it below 35 mpg on average (see my videos on my page). Every owner for the most part exceeds what Mitsu claims for MPG ratings which its usually the opposite (my previous 2013 Hyundai Elantra was way worse than MPG rating on Window Sticker).

    So I say if you are thinking about a Mitsubishi go for it. The new Outlander Sport is a true feeling SUV with selectable 4X4 with a button (2WD, Auto 4X4, 4X4 Lock) and loaded with features, safety and an amazing warrnaty. Plus for 2016 it had quite a few updates inside to make it more pleasing and updates to smooth the CVT which does wonders over the 2015 model. Also the 2.4L is more widely used now (this engine has great pulling power and works well with the CVT) an overall refinement has improved. Also most Mitsubishi owners love their cars as a girl I work with has a 2011 Lancer with well over 100,00 miles on it and still running strong no issues and she has owned 3 Mitsubishis before that. I know 2 other Mirage owners and same thing, no issues and we love them! You can go to KBB owner review page and see a review of a 2014 Mirage ES CVT with over 220,000 miles and no maintenance besides routine and normal wear and tear items (has pictures of odometer to prove the milage). Mitsubishi is know for making reliable engines and packing in a ton of features per dollar. Also they will be releasing a new Outlander Sport for the 2018 model year (you can see spy shots, its sharp) and a new Outlander not long behind followed by the return of the Large Montero. If you are worried about Mistu leaving the USA they are not the sales have improved over the past few years and keep rising and there are plans for new models so go for it! I am a Mistu owner for life now!

  5. In Germany those are called the Mitsubishi ASX and are quite popular. When my '04 RAV4 finally goes out (maybe a while yet I hope) I was thinking of picking up one of these used. My choice (which is not in the US) is a 1.8DiD engine 150hp 300nm torque coupled to a 6sp manual and of course 4wd. I also like the olderOutlander from 2010-2013. Of course it depends on how long my RAV4 goes, have yet to see a softroader 4wd perform like the older RAV's!

  6. I got the base FWD 2.4 for my wife to commute to work. With the rebates, they are giving these away. It's perfectly fine for normal use and like all new cars, I treat them as disposable appliances. Drive them, wear them out, then get rid of them. With the money I save, I invest in the market.

  7. Illinois plant closing. I bought the Suzuki SX4 in 12, in part based on your review of it. Maybe I'll get this, from another "struggling japanese automaker," and find them leaving the US as well

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