Jeep Rubicon and Toyota FJ Cruiser Off-Highway in Hawaii

We witnessed first hand the capabilities of both of those autos on the trails. I am individually a Toyota dude, getting owned many Toyota 4x4s, an FJ and now a Tacoma. They are not evenly matched because the Jeeps articulation and adaptability with the good entrance axle, shorter wheel base and remaining lighter weight. Driver experience, mistake and tolerance ended up also contributing aspects in how every single motor vehicle performed.
We did not build this movie to make just one seam superior than the other. Ohana Trails is a Jeep Club below that we ended up filming and by chance, a team of FJ Cruiser homeowners ended up convoying with them. Sadly, we had much more movie of the Jeeps in excess of the FJ’s.
All in all it was an epic day up in the mountains at Peacock Flats on Oahu on the lookout in excess of the North Pacific.

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Music: “Pedestrian” by O-shen


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