10 thoughts on “Segway off street demo

  1. I was pretty disappointed in the smaller objects that the machine could NOT handle such as the little tree-crossings.. I mean this thing is being marketed as the OFF-ROAD version right?  I really want one but Im thinking that I might as well go with the much cheeper Chinese version FreeGo or something similar!

    Hell! I dunno anymore? Im an ex-Supercross racer so its probably pretty hard to impress me I guess!
    Months later 9/6/15 I am amending my
    comment… I did go out and buy a much cheaper Chinese brand (off
    road segway) and mine is every bit as good as the one shown in this
    NO, my Chinese Segway cant do any
    better but the bigger point is that it doesn't do any worse! Hah Folks do NOT waste $7-$9k on a Segway X2 because its not worth it nor is it necessary! You can get a Chinese off road Segway for about $2500-$3000.

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