Final Off-Road Mashup! Chevy ZR2 vs Ford Raptor vs Ram Electricity Wagon: Which Truck Procedures?

( ) Chevy ZR2 vs Ford Raptor vs Ram Electricity Wagon Which Off-Road Truck is Finest?

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45 thoughts on “Final Off-Road Mashup! Chevy ZR2 vs Ford Raptor vs Ram Electricity Wagon: Which Truck Procedures?

  1. The zr2 won. If you look at the price difference and power differences, the chevy was the least out of all and still beat the power wagon and hung with the raptor. 43k vs 67k i take the 43k

  2. I think the power wagon has the most potential, all it needs is larger tires, like 37” tall by 14 wide considering-how heavy it is, they are all pretty good, I wish you had a Tacoma, it wouldn’t have made it through, although with a huge list of aftermarket support it could be modified to do about anything.

  3. This was a good episode. I'd be interested to see how an F-150 with FX4 package (can get one at a much better price than the Raptor) does on Cliffhanger 2.0. And perhaps compare that to a Chevy 1500 with z71 or Sierra 1500 All-Terrain X. Thanks!

  4. The Power Wagon is NOT too heavy for that trail. Nathan, the way you wheeled the Wagon was the problem. Why are you engaging front and rear lockers before you even start? You guys used momentum on the other two trucks and tried crawling the Wagon. Come out to Power Wagons in Moab in 2018 and we'll teach you. Otherwise, stop making us all look bad.

  5. Scroll down and check out the earlier video TFL did on the Raptor, Power Wagon and a Tacomma. That video was a much better video and was a much better representation of all three trucks off road capabilities, specifically the Power Wagon. I only wish that Chevy had the Colorado available for that video and even a Wrangler would have been nice to throw into the mix. At the end of the day… Tires enhance off-road capabilities dramatically for any truck.

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