The Most Badass Miata Ever – Gingium Off Road BEAST!

Gingium sure does know how to be about it. This crazy supercharged Miata setup for off-road has to be one of the most wild Mazda Miatas, let alone car I’ve ever driven. Off-roading is becoming more popular everyday where people lift cars never intended for going into the dirt and mud. This car feel straight out of a zombie apocalypse film, and it is well deserved of the recognition it’s getting. Thanks for watching!

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49 thoughts on “The Most Badass Miata Ever – Gingium Off Road BEAST!

  1. Hey David, I noticed that I had not gotten any notifications from you in a while and reviewed my subscriptions to find that I was unsubscribed to your channel! I know that you have had some issues with this in the past and wanted to let you know.
    I resubscribed and will be trying to catch up to all of your videos but I find this very disturbing, wonder how many others you have lost.

  2. I literally just saw this car yesterday at rallycross event in Illinois! It was really cool! Then I hop on youtube today and see my favorite car channel doing a review on it?! Awesome.

  3. Someone in my town (Alaska) has a lifted PT Cruiser with solid axles and four-wheel drive. I think its swapped onto a Wrangler chassis. Whoever invested the time and money was very talented.

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