Home Lower Ab Workout

“This workout will help build strength and you’ll definitely be feeling the burn in the lower abs but remember – If you really want to make those lower abs pop you need to tighten up your diet and get that cardio in!

Combine this workout with one of these cardio sessions for maximum results!”Home Lower Ab Workout

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Killer Lower Ab Workout

“Hey y’all

It’s Lindsey with insanehomefatloss and today I’m taking you through my lower ab blaster workout. This workout is not only is going to help you burn belly fat, but it’s also going to help get you the lean and flat stomach you’ll need this summer.

Video breakdown:

**3 rounds with no rest

0:24 Lying leg lifts // 30 seconds

0:34 Elevated leg lifts // 30 seconds

0:46 Full range bicycles //30 seconds

1:02 Start your workout

And if you ready to get rid of your belly fat once and for all, this is one video you must see.


In order to reveal your lean and flat stomach, you have to burn off the nasty layer of belly fat covering it. In this video I should you the 1 weird exercies trick I personally used to burn off my belly fat and finally get the lean and tone stomach I have today.

Find out exactly how you can start using this 1 weird exercise trick to burn off your belly fat today.”Killer Lower Ab Workout

Walk at Home, Indoor Walking, Low Impact, Strength Training, Lower Body Circuit

“Sculpt as you step with this multi-tasking, lower body focused circuit walk that you can do indoors in a small space anytime, rain or shine!

*1 Mile = approximately 15 minutes of movement for this walk, actual step count may vary

Level: All

Equipment: A set of light dumbbells (optional)

Intensity: Moderate, Low Impact”
Walk at Home, Indoor Walking, Low Impact, Strength Training, Lower Body Circuit

4 Must Do Belly Pooch Abs Exercises

“Core includes the abs, lower and mid back, pelvic and also hip muscles. It’s entire mid section that work together to support your spine and body. Combine this workout with my 2 other Beach Body Workouts to burn fat fast, tone up and get a flatter tummy.
Interval: Complete 30 secs for each exercise back-to-back without rest.
Duration: 5 minutes per set.
Estimated Calorie Burned: 35 – 40Cals per set.
Best Result: Perform this exercise at the end of each workout session. Challenge yourself to 4 sets!”
4 Must Do Belly Pooch Abs Exercises