SXS Ravine Ride – Part 2 – Polaris RZR’s + Can-Am Maverick’s Off-Road Trail Riding

PART 2: Polaris RZR and Can-Am Maverick Side by Sides Trail Riding on some wild forested ravine trails in the great Canadian Outdoors.

An entire day of intense trail riding condensed into just over 10 minutes! Hold on for the ride, its going to get wild! Polaris or Can-Am… Who dominates the trail? Cast your vote in the comments section and let us know who you think wins!

This footage was shot in Southern Ontario, Canada.

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The SXS Line Up in this Video Includes:
2014 – Can-Am Maverick X DS 1000 – Black & Yellow
2014 – Polaris RZR XP 900 – Stealth Black
2013 – Can-Am Maverick X DS 1000 – Black & Yellow
2012 – Polaris RZR XP 900 – Orange Madness

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Video shot with a Canon Vixia HF R500. Edited using Sony Vegas Pro 12 software. All footage shot and edited by AdrenalineJunkieProd. All footage owned by Adrenaline Junkie Productions.


Off-Highway Camper Wars! Ford 4×4 Sportsmobile vs Rate Arrow RV – Dirt Each individual Working day Ep. 18

This 7 days Fred checks out the Sportsmobile 4×4 Ford Van. The Sportsmobile is great if back country exploring and camping are your favored pastime. It is developed for off street use, and has everything and the kitchen sink. But how does a monster Rate Arrow motorhome evaluate for off roading? Fred finds out when they RV in the grime.

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The first examination of the 4×4 Sprinter Van, off-highway

Look at the complete programme and quite a few extra at http://tv

You would not hope an monumental Mercedes Sprinter van to be an efficient off-highway equipment. Neither did Graham, right up until he took one particular spherical the fearsome Millbrook off-highway program.

It’s frankly remarkable off-highway skills built powering by a inadequately throat absolutely worth it…


Tremendous Potent Russian army off highway Four wheel drive Vehicles

Russian army unveils new off highway 4 wheel drive vehicles. A truck (United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, also[one] identified as a lorry in the United Kingdom and Ireland) is a motor car or truck made to transport cargo. Vehicles vary drastically in dimension, electrical power, and configuration, with the smallest being mechanically comparable to an auto. Professional vehicles can be incredibly large and strong, and may possibly be configured to mount specialised devices, these types of as in the scenario of hearth vehicles and concrete mixers and suction excavators.

Contemporary vehicles are largely powered by diesel engines completely, even though small to medium dimension vehicles with gasoline engines exist in the US. In the European Union, cars with a gross mix mass of up to 3,five hundred kilograms (7,716 lb) are regarded as mild industrial cars, and those above as large merchandise cars.

The oldest truck was developed in 1896 by Gottlieb Daimler.[2] The to start with truck in the United States was developed by Autocar in 1899 and was offered with optional five or eight horsepower motors.[3]

The term “truck” may come from a back again-development of “truckle” with the which means “small wheel”, “pulley”, from Center English trokell, in transform from Latin trochlea. Another rationalization is that it will come from Latin trochus with the which means of “iron hoop”. In transform, both go back again to Greek trokhos (τροχός) which means “wheel” from trekhein (τρέχειν, “to run”). The to start with regarded usage of “truck” was in 1611 when it referred to the small powerful wheels on ships’ cannon carriages. In its prolonged usage it came to refer to carts for carrying major masses, a which means regarded because 1771. With the which means of “motor-powered load carrier”, it has been in usage because 1930, shortened from “motor truck”, which dates back again to 1916.[4][five]

“Lorry” has a additional uncertain origin, but most likely has its roots in the rail transport marketplace, where the term is regarded to have been applied in 1838 to refer to a form of truck (a freight car as in British usage, not a bogie as in the American), specially a large flat wagon. It most likely derives from the verb lurry (to pull, tug) of uncertain origin. With the which means of “self-propelled car or truck for carrying merchandise” it has been in usage because 1911.[6][7]

In advance of that, the term “lorry” was applied for a type of significant horse-drawn merchandise wagon.

Intercontinental variance
In the United States, Canada, and the Philippines “truck” is generally reserved for industrial cars more substantial than typical autos, and incorporates pickups and other cars possessing an open load mattress. In Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, the term “truck” is largely reserved for more substantial cars in Australia and New Zealand, a pickup truck is generally identified as a ute (small for “utility”), whilst in South Africa it is identified as a bakkie (Afrikaans: “small open container”). In the United Kingdom, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland and Hong Kong lorry is applied as an alternative of truck, but only for the medium and major varieties.

In American English, the term “truck” is frequently preceded by a term describing the form of car or truck, these types of as a “tanker truck”. In British English these would be referred to as a “tanker” or “petrol tanker”.

In Australia and New Zealand, the expression ute (small for coupé utility) is applied to describe a pickup truck with an open cargo carrying house but a entrance comparable to a passenger car, and which requires only a passenger car licence to drive. The idea was formulated in 1933 by Lewis Bandt of the Ford Motor Organization in Geelong following a request from a Gippsland farmer’s wife for a car or truck that they could go to church in on Sunday with no getting damp and also use to choose the pigs to industry on Monday.[9]

In lots of international locations, driving a truck requires a specific driving license. The specifications and restrictions vary with each and every distinct jurisdiction.

In Australia, a truck driver’s license is expected for any motor car or truck with a Gross Automobile Mass (GVM) exceeding 4,five hundred kilograms (9,921 lb). The motor cars courses are even more expanded as:

LR: Gentle rigid: a rigid car or truck with a GVM of additional than 4,five hundred kilograms (9,921 lb) but not additional than eight,000 kilograms (17,637 lb). Any towed trailer should not weigh additional than 9,000 kilograms (19,842 lb) GVM.
MR: Medium rigid: a rigid car or truck with 2 axles and a GVM of additional than eight,000 kilograms (17,637 lb). Any towed trailer should not weigh additional than 9,000 kilograms (19,842 lb) GVM. Also incorporates cars in course LR.
HR: Hefty Rigid: a rigid car or truck with a few or additional axles and a GVM of additional than eight,000 kilograms (17,637 lb)). Any towed trailer should not weigh additional than 9,000 kilograms (19,842 lb)) GVM. Also incorporates articulated buses and cars in course MR.
HC: Hefty Combination, a common key mover in addition semi-trailer mix.
MC: Multi Combination e.g., B Doubles/highway trains.


The Making Of two Crazy – Method Offroad create! TEASER

Listed here is a video clip, displaying two 000 person-hrs in a four moment time laps. Comprehensive tale to come!

Martin Michaelsen from Crazy Racing gained his initially at any time race with the new vehicle, two Crazy.

Paint by Elgeseter Billakkering
Hoses and tubes by Albert E. Olsen AEO

Created by Bjørn Michaelsen, Subsequent HERO