Formula Offroad Extreme HILL CLIMB – Arne, Lightfoot! Future HERO

Arne Johannessen in Lightfoot. Formula Offroad NEZ – Championship Akureyri, Iceland 2014, Skien Norway 2013 and Skien Norway 2014!
Includes intense hill climbs and hydroplaning! Bring your popcorn, sit back again and take pleasure in above 10 minutes of intense hill climbs!

Developed by Bjørn Michaelsen Future HERO and JAWS4x4 / SMK Uppsala
Thanks to Johan Waltari and Henrik Vesa
Image by Lars Mårtensson,


Akureyri, Iceland, has some extreme and steep sand hills and will make it hard for the drivers to remain on the wheels. Skien in Norway has obtained the biggest and longest hills in Scandinavia! It presents a lot of ridiculous motion when the greatest Formula Off Street drivers from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland fulfill!

This automobile has obtained a 850 HP big block and can do some crazy climbs with all those enormous paddle tires!

Extreme Hill Climb Crash Insane Bounce


CRASH COMPILATION Globe Championship System Offroad 2015!

Listed here is a compilation of the most serious crashes and rolls from the NEZ-Championship in System Offroad in Skien, Norway!

These guys are trying to climb vertical sand hills in V8 powered 4×4 buggies, but ends up tumbling back down!

Brilliant thumbnail by Mammadreki!

Many thanks to Jakob C, Ice Drones, Eric Nilsson and Jimmy Berggren!
Produced by Arnstein Bostad and Bjørn Michaelsen, Subsequent


Off-Road Driving in a Range Rover Evoque!!

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IOX ” LAMO ” 2014

IOF Present IOX Adventure Club ( Indonesis Offroad Expedition )
Event Tahunan ini sekarang dilaksanakan dari Palembang, Lahat, Bengkulu, Lampung, dan berakhir di Monas DKI Jakarta. mulai tgl 8 February hingga 23 February. Di ikuti Oleh 72 Kendaraan 4×4 dan di bagi menjadi 9 team Termasuk Leader. IOX 2014 ini Menempuh Jarak 1550km , dengan jalur Offroad 500km dan Jalur Onroad 1050km.
Event IOX 2014 ini juga merupakan event akhir di pulau Sumatra dan Finish di Pulau Jawa yaitu Monas DKI Jakarta. Untuk IOX 2015 masih Rahasia Panitia bakal di adakan di mana mungkin di Sulawesi, Jawa, Kalimantan , Bali atau Papua.

IOX Special Thanks to:
– Bpk.H.Syaifuddin Aswari
– Bpk. Wakil Gubernur DKI (Ahok)

IOX Thanks to:
1. IOF Pusat, Pengda IOF Sumsel, IOF Bengkulu, IOF Lampung, IOF Banten, IOF DKI Jakarta.
2. Pemprov Sumsel, Pemprov DKI Jakarta
3. Pemkab LAHAT
4. Pemkot Pagar Alam
5. Polda Sumsel, Polda Lampung, Polda Metro Jaya
6. IMI
7. Komunitas 4×4 Sumsel, Lampung, DKI Jakarta
8. Para Sponsor (BakrieLand, MKAPR Group, Lupromax, Solaris Prima Energy, GT-Radial, YAMAHA, PTBA, WARN, ARB, YONA-Dagsap, ARNOV, Majalah JIP)


Directed by Firman N.I
Cameraman 1 : Firman N.I
Cameraman 2 : M. Faisal
Edited by : Rizky Norman
Music Scorring : Fabiandre and Rizky
Music By : Traditional Lahat, Traditional Jakarta, M83 – Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun, Oasis – F***in’ In The Bushes, Chinese Man – Bunni Groove

Graphic Design : Mr. Mik

Contributor Video :
1. Syamsir Alam ( Leader GoPro )
2. Iwan Strato ( Aerial )
3. Harsat ( Team Celeng )
4. Kiki Gustana ( Team Gorilla )
5. Ero ( Media Official GoPro Helmet )
6. Nova ( Palembang )
7. Minh ( Vietnam )
8. Damiano ( Italy )
Untuk Semua Team dan semua Peserta yang membawa kamera video baik SLR atau GoPro dan mau menjadi Kontributor untuk di video Full yang Berdurasi 2 jam. bisa menghubungi Official Media atau Panitia IOX, paling lambat tgl 15 Maret 2014.
Pantia IOX : Toto Widiyarto ( 0811107377 )
Official Media IOX : Firman N.I ( 082121888085 )




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