Jeep Renegade review – tested on and off-road

The new baby Jeep Renegade offers genuine off-road ability, but is it as good on the road?

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There’s always been one hostile environment Jeep could never conquer, and that is the European car market. Their latest tactic is to dive into the world’s fastest growing car sales segment – compact crossovers. They’re doing it with the new Renegade.

You’ve only got to spend thirty seconds on any European road these days to know that compact crossovers, or small SUVs are hot property these days. There’s the Nissan Juke, Renault Captur, Mercedes GLA and MINI Countryman – every manufacturer has either got one of these SUVs or is scrambling a team of designers to get one on the market.

Jeep promises it designed the Renegade to be true to its off-roading roots and have the best all-terrain ability in its class – not that it has much to beat. The Renegade is a really good little off-road car. The steering doesn’t jump or fidget around, the body’s nice and stiff and, crucially, it’s fairly difficult to get the Renegade stuck.

Jeep’s SelecTerrain four wheel drive system is present in the Renegade. It’s an adaptive system where you can select a range of modes consisting of snow, mud, sand, rock and automatic setting. There’s also a hill-descent system.

On the road, the Renegade is a bit of a mixed bag. Visibility is pretty bad both front and rear, but the gear change is positive, it doesn’t roll too much in corners and there’s plenty of grip. It can’t quite match the sharper drive of the Skoda Yeti or MINI Countryman, though.

The interior certainly has a sense of humour with paint splatters on the dials and a reminder of Jeep’s birthday. The plastics aren’t as good as they could be and the infotainment system from Alfa Romeo isn’t as good as the system found in the larger Jeep Cherokee. The interior sums up the Jeep Renegade – lots of flair but some flaws.

There’s no doubt this is the most relevant Jeep in years, and there’s finally a model worthy of comparison with European and Japanese rivals.


Element 1: Morris Mountain Off-Road Park! – 2013 Greatest Adventure Week

With a motto of “No Whining,” 25 customized 4x4s traversed four states on a 1,five hundred mile on and off road trip. The thirteenth managing of the Greatest Adventure traveled the South from Alabama by Ga, Florida, and ending in South Carolina.

The very first day saw the team examine in and discover the few regulations of the trip, and then commence a trek that would have them dwelling out of their automobiles for the future 7 days. Proper for the start of an Greatest Adventure, the very first vacation spot sees the team hitting Morris Mountain Off-Road Auto Park the place they try the very first obstacle, “The Excellent, the Undesirable and the Unappealing.” Morris Mountain ORVP tends to make guaranteed the team is effectively seasoned in 4×4 carnage in advance of they travel to the future vacation spot.

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2014 Toyota Highlander Off-Road Review: Colorado Muddy Mess Test

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Mitsubishi Pajero / Montero offroad riding test ride review – Autogefühl Autoblog

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HUMMER and UNIMOG Extreme OFFROAD 4X4 in 4×4 ARB Off Road Rally Mont Tremblant

HUMMER and UNIMOG Extreme OFFROAD 4X4 in 4×4 ARB Off Road Rally Mont Tremblant
Humman Off-Road Adventures
Disclaimer: I like all well-built and high-performing Off Road Trucks, and trying objectively look at all vehicles. I am neither mechanic nor professional driver nor engineer – but have enough knowledge in each area, and enough off road experience to appreciate what each vehicle is capable off.
One thing that I still did not figure out is why there are so many people are biased against Hummer.
Can someone explain why there are so much hate for Hummer? It is the latest military vehicle that is (still) serving the best army in the world. Why did this army choose this vehicle if it is so bad? Also, I know many people who take their Hummers for extreme off road and they are very happy with their truck and its capabilities.
My feeling that people who post negative comments about Hummer have never had a chance to drive it, or taking it off road. So, what are all those comments are based on?
Do people bother to post because they are anti-American? or because Hummer ran-over those people or their belongings? or because they are just jealous? or because they owned one of those Hummers and had continuous problems?
Please do not bother to post hate messages – but it will be greatly appreciated if you share your experience, knowledge or observations.

Humman Off Road Adventures

Our Off Road channel is dedicated to extreme 4×4 off road overland adventures in different offroading conditions, and all makes and models 4×4 off-road trucks and cars.
We drive best 4×4 trucks and learn how to fix on trail to ensure our top 4×4 vehicles are good for off road all terrains overland adventures.
We participate in 4×4 off road rally, hardcore 4×4 off road overland expeditions, and 4×4 off road adventures to get 4×4 off road experience.
We also learn how to offroad alone, how to recover on its own, and what are the best tools and tricks for offroad overland offroad 4×4 adventures.

We are featuring all hardcore 4×4 off road trucks, and offroad vehicles capable to go through all terrains and different offroad conditions.
We also are featuring 4×4 capable off-road vehicles, best off road SUV and capable 4×4 cars, monster trucks and rock crawlers.
We help people to find best 4×4 SUV for off road and city driving, as well as hardcore 4×4 trucks for extreme off-roading.
We also help people to understand what is the best car for preppers and survival, or best 4×4 truck for overland offroad travel adventures.

Our off-road channel features legal and illegal 4×4 trucks for both 4×4 off road beginners and crazy 4×4 stunts.
The dangerous 4×4 off road fails caught on camera are shared with public to promote awareness of 4×4 off road risk and 4×4 off road failures.
Offroad 4×4 fails, off road dash cam videos are uploaded for entertainment purposes only.
Extreme 4×4 truck offroad overland adventures are dangerous, and require good truck and driver preparation for off-roading, 4×4 overland adventures and 4×4 off road expeditions.
We recommended 4×4 offroad training and 4×4 education courses using online educational offroad training material, off road videos and 4×4 off road forums.
Do not try extreme 4×4 offroading unless you have 4×4 offroad experience or learn how to off road 4×4 trucks or 4×4 cars.
Learn about 4×4 off-roading and off road tools and off road 4×4 tricks to ensure you are prepared for 4×4 off road challenges.
We feature the following 4×4 off road videos on this channel. All our extreme 4×4 off road videos are copyrighted, and should not be used without our permission:
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Disclaimer: This video is for Entertainment purposes only!


2013 Nissan Xterra PRO-4X Muddy Off-Road Colorado Review (Part 1)

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2016 Mitsubishi Outlander S-AWC – Review & Offroad Performance

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander S-AWC – Off-Road Review. How does the Mitsubishi AWD system perform off road, in the snow, ice, mud, and gravel? The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander S-AWC shown features a 2.4L I4 gasoline engine producing 166 HP matched to a CVT transmission. Power can be sent to all four wheels through Mitsubishi’s Super-All Wheel Control. The front has an active differential with an electronically activated clutch-type limited slip differential, there’s an electronic center coupler to attach the rear axle, and the rear differential is open but takes advantage of clever braking for torque vectoring. Tested: Do the different AWD modes actually work?

Features include electronic power steering, automatic halogen headlights, fog lights, LED tail lights, 18 inch alloy wheels, one touch start/stop engine switch, hill start assist, and ABS with EBD and brake assist. This 2016 Outlander features the $5,250 SEL package adding navigation, collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control, rain sensing wipers, remote power lift- gate, power glass sunroof, and a 710W Rockford Fosgate audio system with subwoofer.

MSRP As Tested: $33,095

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RT – Aton Impulse Viking Amphibious Off-Road Vehicle [1080p]

Viking represents years of research and development work to create a vehicle for the stable niche of corporate, government and recreational off-road and amphibious use.

Extensive joint testing of prototypes with our early corporate customers has ensured that our vehicle remains true to its mission – every design feature and innovation is based on improved utility rather than innovation for its own sake.

Unique product ideal for a wide range of specific customers including exploration, mining, maintenance, border patrol and rescue services.

ON-ROAD / OFF-ROAD / AMPHIBIOUS: Enabling new logistics

Viking combines Vehicle Type Approval, allowing it to operate on road as a standard car, with off-road ability comparable to tracked vehicles and world-leading amphibious capabilities.

Off-road, overwhelmingly superior to comparable amphibious vehicles in terms of comfort, cross-country ability, maneuverability, turn-over resistance and endurance.

Safety and comfort when driving off-road, particularly in remote or hazardous areas, regardless of natural, climatic and weather conditions.

The only amphibious off-road vehicle in the world to have passed through certification to meet UNECE regulations.

Unrestricted ON-ROAD USE through a Vehicle Type Approval Certificate.

High-floatation boat frame for full amphibious operation.

Water propulsion system which can drive the vehicle at speeds up to 15 km/h, allowing safe crossing of in-land water obstacles even against the current.

Comfortable, spacious 7 seat cab with attractively styled modern exterior.

Outstanding maneuverability – turning radius of 8.6m.

Remarkable roll-over resistance due to a low center of gravity.

Independent pneumatic front and rear wheels suspension with adjustable clearance and powerful tire air-pressure adjustment system operable from the cab while driving the vehicle.

Low ground pressure balloon tyres minimize environmental impact and soil damage.

OFF-ROAD: Meeting nature’s challenges

In remote areas , far from civilization and under extreme weather conditions, the safety of your mission and its crew depends upon the quality of the equipment that protects them.

Viking has been designed from the outset to withstand the most severe operational conditions of operation ranging across Arctic, tropical and desert conditions.

Viking has a unique boat-type frame combined with a water propulsion system which can drive the vehicle at speeds up to 15 km/h, allowing safe crossing of in-land water obstacles even against the current.


Many specialized and especially tracked amphibious vehicles are unsuitable for general road use. They require special permits to operate and constitute a hazard to surrounding traffic and the road surface.

Viking’s unique road-legal classification is important to enable it to be self-transported to its theatre of operation. Fan Funding : PayPal : Thanks a lot for your support! 🙂


Ford Raptor vs Jeep Wrangler (Part 1): The Ultimate Off-Road Mashup Challenge

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