Skoda Yeti 4×4 (2014) OFFROAD

There are 4 diesel and 3 petrol engines to pick from for the all-new ŠKODA Yeti — all turbocharged and with immediate injection. The efficiency spectrum ranges from the 1.two TSI with seventy seven kW and one hundred and five hp to the two. TDI with a hundred twenty five kW and a hundred and seventy hp. The fifth generation entrance- or all-wheel travel with Haldex coupling is fitted dependent on the engine specs. As an automatic transmission, the ŠKODA Yeti exclusively works by using the fashionable 6 or seven-speed twin clutch transmission (DSG).

The Yeti GreenLine version with seventy seven kW 1.six TDI, entrance wheel travel and a guide gearbox provides CO2 emissions of just 119 g/km. This corresponds to a usage of four.six litres of diesel for every a hundred km (sixty one MPG).

Furthermore, there are 3 Inexperienced tec engine variants for the 103 kW two. TDI engine with guide 6-speed transmission, seventy seven kW 1.six TDI with seven-speed DSG and ninety kW 1.four TSI petrol engine with guide 6-speed transmission. The Inexperienced tec package deal consists of the begin-end system, brake strength restoration (recuperation) and very low rolling resistance tyres.

The diesel engine two. TDI with a hundred twenty five kW is now available with the excellent mix of all-wheel travel and automatic 6-speed twin clutch transmission. An automatic seven-speed twin-clutch transmission is now available for the entrance-wheel travel Yeti seventy seven kW 1.six TDI.


Taking a Military Fire Truck Off Road! – Dirt Every Day Ep. 11

On this episode of Dirt Every Day, Fred Williams heads to Fort Hunter Liggett to meet up with fireman Ken Hanna. Ken’s ride is a 2011 Oshkosh Striker 3000 military fire truck, used primarily to put out aircraft fires. Fred rides along to see how the water cannon works and even does a 0-60 run before watching this giant rescue vehicle do what it was built for – driving off-road!

Dirt Every Day appears every other Thursday on the Motor Trend channel.

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HUMMER and UNIMOG Extreme OFFROAD 4X4 in 4×4 ARB Off Road Rally Mont Tremblant

HUMMER and UNIMOG Extreme OFFROAD 4X4 in 4×4 ARB Off Road Rally Mont Tremblant
Humman Off-Road Adventures
Disclaimer: I like all well-built and high-performing Off Road Trucks, and trying objectively look at all vehicles. I am neither mechanic nor professional driver nor engineer – but have enough knowledge in each area, and enough off road experience to appreciate what each vehicle is capable off.
One thing that I still did not figure out is why there are so many people are biased against Hummer.
Can someone explain why there are so much hate for Hummer? It is the latest military vehicle that is (still) serving the best army in the world. Why did this army choose this vehicle if it is so bad? Also, I know many people who take their Hummers for extreme off road and they are very happy with their truck and its capabilities.
My feeling that people who post negative comments about Hummer have never had a chance to drive it, or taking it off road. So, what are all those comments are based on?
Do people bother to post because they are anti-American? or because Hummer ran-over those people or their belongings? or because they are just jealous? or because they owned one of those Hummers and had continuous problems?
Please do not bother to post hate messages – but it will be greatly appreciated if you share your experience, knowledge or observations.

Humman Off Road Adventures

Our Off Road channel is dedicated to extreme 4×4 off road overland adventures in different offroading conditions, and all makes and models 4×4 off-road trucks and cars.
We drive best 4×4 trucks and learn how to fix on trail to ensure our top 4×4 vehicles are good for off road all terrains overland adventures.
We participate in 4×4 off road rally, hardcore 4×4 off road overland expeditions, and 4×4 off road adventures to get 4×4 off road experience.
We also learn how to offroad alone, how to recover on its own, and what are the best tools and tricks for offroad overland offroad 4×4 adventures.

We are featuring all hardcore 4×4 off road trucks, and offroad vehicles capable to go through all terrains and different offroad conditions.
We also are featuring 4×4 capable off-road vehicles, best off road SUV and capable 4×4 cars, monster trucks and rock crawlers.
We help people to find best 4×4 SUV for off road and city driving, as well as hardcore 4×4 trucks for extreme off-roading.
We also help people to understand what is the best car for preppers and survival, or best 4×4 truck for overland offroad travel adventures.

Our off-road channel features legal and illegal 4×4 trucks for both 4×4 off road beginners and crazy 4×4 stunts.
The dangerous 4×4 off road fails caught on camera are shared with public to promote awareness of 4×4 off road risk and 4×4 off road failures.
Offroad 4×4 fails, off road dash cam videos are uploaded for entertainment purposes only.
Extreme 4×4 truck offroad overland adventures are dangerous, and require good truck and driver preparation for off-roading, 4×4 overland adventures and 4×4 off road expeditions.
We recommended 4×4 offroad training and 4×4 education courses using online educational offroad training material, off road videos and 4×4 off road forums.
Do not try extreme 4×4 offroading unless you have 4×4 offroad experience or learn how to off road 4×4 trucks or 4×4 cars.
Learn about 4×4 off-roading and off road tools and off road 4×4 tricks to ensure you are prepared for 4×4 off road challenges.
We feature the following 4×4 off road videos on this channel. All our extreme 4×4 off road videos are copyrighted, and should not be used without our permission:
hummer h1 off road hummer h1 offroad extreme 4×4
hummer h2 off road hummer h2 offroad extreme 4×4
hummer H3 off road hummer h3 offroad extreme 4×4
hummer H3T off road hummer H3T extreme 4×4
unimog offroad unimog extreme off road
jeep off road jeep rubicon extreme
toyota fj cruiser off road extreme
toyota 4runner off road
humvee offroad humvee extreme off road 4×4
HMMWV offroad HMMWV extreme off road
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Disclaimer: This video is for Entertainment purposes only!


#mbrt15 Part 1: Off-Road in Tuscaloosa (English / German)

The first of three episodes from our road trip through the USA will only take us as far as 40 miles of 1600: from Birmingham to Vance, AL. But what we experienced there had been a blast!
After a short visit of the little MB museum at the visitor center we had a fun ride with the GLE’s immediate predecessor, the ML, at the place of its birth. Just outside the Mercedes Tuscaloosa plant is a vast offroad track and we witnessed first-hand what even an “ordinary SUV” can do! Buckle up and be prepared for a bumpy ride!

#mbrt15 #mbcars #mbcar


Land Rover Discovery 4 Extreme Off-road 4×4 Real Mudding

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Off-road 4×4 Renault Duster vs UAZ Patriot vs Dodge

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RC ADVENTURES – Combined-class Large Scale Vehicles Offroad, Open Monitor Exercise 4×4 and 2WD

Simply click Below To Subscribe! ► – A great working day to get outside and have some enjoyable with Large Scale RC! The fella’s starting displaying up with great trucks, obtaining all set for “the Significant Filthy” 2014. This is the verrry first time these men have pushed this track and area all eager for the races to start out next weekend. These are all Fuel Run trucks, and all have SO A lot Energy. I opened the track right up.. so they could choose their personal paths and have a small enjoyable!

RC ADVENTURES™/ RCSparks Studio™ © 2014 Medic Media Productions Inc.. All legal rights reserved. Publication, copy or distribution of this film by any usually means by any means – which include with no limitation digital transmission by using internet or e-mail, or re-uploading present films & re-uploading this kind of material on any internet site wherever in the world — is strictly prohibited with no the prior composed consent of Medic Media Productions Inc. Make sure you take note that the RCSparks Studio does not promote RC Items. The RCSparks Studio an independent promotor of a great passion! I am not straight affiliated with any of the sellers or producers in this movie. The RCSparks Studio is not liable for any destruction or loss through the use of goods or procedures demonstrated – Use at your personal chance! This film and the RC ADVENTURES film collection broadcast on YouTube is intended for leisure applications only.



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