Rights and responsibilities regarding worker’s health and safety

Rights and responsibilities regarding worker’s health and safety

No matter what industry you work in, health and safety measures are an important thing that you should keep in mind if you want to avoid hazards. In the labor market there are of course different kind of jobs, some of them are more dangerous than others, but you should keep in mind that every job has its hazards and if you are not careful, you can end up hurting yourself or the people around you.

If you work in an environment that implies lots of hazards, you should be aware of the rights you have in order to protect yourself from injuries or any kind of ills. In the UK, last year, 133 people were killed at work and over 77.000 suffered injuries. If you want to protect yourself from such disasters, then you must know that the health and safety law has a set of rights but also responsibilities that every worker must respect in order to be protected from hazards of any kind.


A first right that you have is the right to know the hazards that your job implies. When you hire somewhere, your employer or supervisor has the obligation to tell you about the risks that your job implies and make sure that you are informed with everything that needs to be known in order to work in a safe environment.

The right to refuse unsafe work – Do you think that the work that you are doing is not safe? Then it’s your right to refuse it! If you think that the work you provide or the equipment can harm you in any way and doesn’t respect health and safety guidelines, you have the right to refuse it.

The right to be informed – It is highly recommended participating at health and safety courses provided by your employer. Also, your employer should provide you with the protective equipment that you need, in order to do your job.

The right to have decent working conditions – The employer should make sure you are provided with facilities like drinking water and showers.

In cases where things doesn’t work as they should, you have to be provided with first aid facilities. Also, must exist an insurance that covers you in the case you get hurt at work or get an illness through it.


As I already said, your employer should provide you with health and safety courses, but your responsibility is to follow these coursesComputer Technology Articles, especially when you use the working equipment.

Take care of you and your coworkers and cooperate with your employer regarding health and safety measurements.

Talk with your employer or supervisor if you believe that are measurements that can put people’s health at risk.



Read more about worker’s health and safety at: http://www.healthandsafetyfocus.com

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