Thinking about applying for an educational psychology doctorate?

Thinking about applying for an educational psychology doctorate?

If you are
thinking about applying to study for an educational psychology doctorate, then
take a close look at the educational psychology doctorate offered by us at the
University of Southampton’s Faculty of Social and Human Sciences.

This three year educational psychology doctorate, known as the DEdPsych, will
prepare you for a professional qualification that will enable you to work in
children’s services and provide help with the major developmental and
educational problems presented by children.

What is more, this educational psychology doctorate meets the requirements for
chartered status with the British Psychological Society, and is also approved
for registration with the Health and Care Professions Council.

The programme is based within our School of Psychology, which has an
international reputation for research and innovation. It aims to develop your
knowledge, understanding and application of theory, empirical evidence and interventions.

We place great emphasis on developing your research skills across the three
years. That is because this educational psychology doctorate programme is
designed to equip you to become a reflective and adaptable practitioner, who
can apply both casework and research skills in a variety of contexts.

The first year of this educational psychology doctorate is spent studying full
time, although this includes regular placement days within a primary and
secondary school under the guidance of a field tutor.

In the second and third year of this educational psychology doctorate you will
work for three days a week in two different local authorities.  By Year 3 you are expected to take increasing
responsibility for your own practice and negotiate with service users
appropriate activities. While supervisors remain in close touch with traineesFree Web Content,
the level of supervision is reduced and more independent practice encouraged.

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