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Art Class Awards – Creative Ideas & Unique DIY Awards

Awards Time!

The end of the year signals many things in the art classroom: Shaving Cream Table Funcleaning up (the fun way of course!), fun one day art projects, sending art home and of course AWARDS!

I have written the awards listed below based off of major artists or art styles. You can write them out on a pre-printed certificate (that’s what I usually do) or create your own!

Art Achievement Certificate

Fun and Creative Art Class Award Ideas

Here are some Fun and Creative Art Class Awards I Have Created:

  • Chuck Close Award for the Most Realistic Drawings & Paintings
  • Leonardo Da Vinci Award for Most Innovative Artist
  • Renaissance Artist Award for Most Art Skills Mastered
  • Vincent Van Gogh Award for Most Expressive Brushwork in Painting
  • Henry Matisse Award for the Best Use of Color to Express Emotions
  • Wassily Kandinsky Award for Best Design of Non-Objective Artwork
  • Georgia O’Keeffe Award for Creative Cropping & Composition
  • Claude Monet Award for the Best Depiction of Light on a Subject
  • Salvador Dali Award for Most Imaginative Combination of Subject Matter
  • Jackson Pollock Award for the Most Expressive Artist (Messiest)
  • Thomas Cole Award for Best Landscape
  • Michelangelo Award for the Best in Sculpture
  • Andy Goldsworthy Award for the Best Nature Art
  • Yayoi Kusama Award for Best Contemporary Art
  • Victor Vasarely Award for Best Optical Illustion
  • Hokusai Award for Best in Printmaking
  • Pablo Picasso Award for Best Abstract Artwork
  • Andy Warhol Award for the Most Trendy Artwork
  • Dale Chihuly Award for Best Glass Artwork
  • Fire Proof Award for Best Ceramic Art Piece
  • George E. Ohr Award for Best Thrown Clay Vessel
    • OR Maria Montoya Martinez Award for Best Thrown Clay Vessel
  • Ansel Adams Award for Best Black & White Photography
  • William Addison Dwiggins Award for Best Graphic Design
  • Norman Rockwell Award for Best Illustrator
  • Mary Cassatt Award for Best Portrait
  • Frida Kahlo Award for Best use of Iconology & Symbolism

Have some more creative art awards you want to share? Please leave a comment below!

Want something more than a certificate to award? Check out these Creative DIY Art Awards, Medals, and Trophies

Additional Art Award/Incentives Thoughts:


ART CONTESTS – Student Artwork “Smart Awards” by Marvin Bartel

Picasso Passes (Art Incentives)

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