DESIGN AWARD 2020 – Participation

How can I register for the iF DESIGN AWARD?

You have to register online first. In addition to your online registration you have to either ship an original sample of your entry for the jury session or present it with digital media. The requirements differ from discipline to discipline and category to category. For more information please see our Terms of participation, topic Presentation to jury:

Within 14 days after submission of the online registration you will receive the invoice of the registration fee. After receipt of the invoice you can pay via bank transfer or credit card payment. As soon as we have received the registration fee, you will receive an email with the admission to jury and further information on the participation process.

Are there any special requirements for the submissions?

Entries must be less than two years old at the date of registration or must be launched, published or realized in the award year. Future-oriented, professional concepts and studies whose implementation is not planned or expected can be entered in discipline Professional Concept.

I am a student, can I participate in the iF DESIGN AWARD?

The iF DESIGN AWARD is open for professionals only. Student concepts are not eligible.As student you can participate in the iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD. The participation is free of charge.

How can I cancel my entry?

Please send us an email with your entry-ID. We will cancel the entry for you.

According to our terms you can cancel within 14 days after submission of your online registration for free. Please see also our terms, point 3: . After this date we will charge 100% of the registration fee as cancellation fee.

How can I change the data of an entry before the jury?

You can change or edit all data of the online registration from until the final registration deadline. After that date you can not change the data yourself anymore, but you can request the change via email [email protected]

Can I submit a series of products as a single entry?

A product series can be registered as one entry. All elements of the series must be available to the jury. At least one element must be submitted as an original product; further elements can be submitted in print format (brochure or charts/boards) or on request with digital media. In addition, please enter the following information in the online registration form:

  • Basic: Click the field ‘Type of entry’: Series of …
  • Images: Upload images that show all elements of the series
  • Description: Specify that your entry is a product series
  • Logistics: Click the field ‘This entry represents a product family or series’ and enter the number of elements that will be presented to the jury

Please keep in mind, that the weaker/weakest part of a series might decide, if the series will be awarded. So the series should have a very consistent design quality. If this is not the case it might be better to submit individual elements of the series as single entries. 

If you register a series and one or more individual elements of the series as single entries, you do not have to ship an extra product for the individual entry, since you will need to send the product as part of the series anyway.

Do I only have to submit originals or are prototypes sufficient?

You can also submit prototypes or digital media presentations (PDF and/or video link).

Experience with the judges has shown that the closer your entry is to the final product, the better are your chances. Therefore a non-working model usually has fewer chances to win than a working prototype. The final product is always the best.

For more information please see our Terms of participation, topics Presentation to jury and Upload of digital submissions:

Can I register a product which participated or won in another award?

Yes you can! Please feel free to register the product for the iF DESIGN AWARD.

How long will my entry stay confidential? When will it be published?

All registrations will be treated confidential. The jury session is not open to the public. All jury members are requested to treat the entries confidential, but we do not ask them to sign a confidentiality agreement. After the jury session, at the end of January, we will publish all award winners. Non-winning entries will not be published at all. If you want an awarded entry not to be published, please send us an email and we will find a solution.

How to write a good entry description?

The number of characters is limited to 650 characters including spaces and punctuation marks. Therefore concentrate on the main innovation. What makes your entry special and different (to the competitors)? What makes it relevant? Do not write anything about the quality of the design (as this is up to the jury to decide). Keep in mind that the entry will be there (either virtual or physically) for the jury to judge, so do not say anything that the jury can see already by looking at the entry. Tell them something they cannot see (technical features, patents, production methods, innovative construction). Usually it does not help to write anything on the design process (inspiration, thoughts, method). This of course depends on the entry, but either these things are transported without words, or are not relevant for the decision of the jury.

I would like to register for a company (or even several companies) as an agent. How should I do the registrations?

You should create one “my iF” account for each client. To explain why and how exactly you should do it, we would like to give you a little bit more background: For each registration there are different roles/addresses:

– participant
– client/manufacturer
– designer (can be more than one address)
– invoice recipient

In general all roles/addresses can but do not have to be different. All roles/addresses consist of a postal address as well as a contact person (phone, email). All the communication concerning the award is done with the participant mostly via email. The invoice is sent via email to the contact person of the invoice recipient. The legal contract is between iF and the participant.

So given this background, these are the major steps:

  1. Create a my iF account for each client
  2. Enter your contact details as the participant role/address
  3. Enter your clients address under manufacturer
  4. Enter the designer(s) address(es) under Designer
  5. Enter the address that the invoice should go to under “invoice recipient” (this depends who should pay the invoice – this could be you or the company).
  6. Enter YOUR personal contact data like name, phone and email under the invoice recipient address (so you will get the emails concerning invoices)
How can I change or edit the data for an entry?

You can edit and change the text and image data of your entry in your my iF user account until the final registration deadline. All data fields you can edit are white. The ones you cannot edit are grey. If you need to change data of a grey field, please contact iF to do it for you.