Apparently I’m Wonder Women and I Love Shoes

We’ve all done it—admit it.

Those silly online quizzes that let you know how old you look. How long you will live. And really who don’t want to know what super hero they are?

(Wonder Women by the way)

I’m sure I’ve sold my soul to the devil every time I press the key that links me to one of those prompts – but they are such silly fun timewasters, designed to entice us.  Yes, I’m sure something evil is happening every time I succumb to one of these quizzes.

Since on some level we all want love and to be loved, I was curious who I was in a relationship with, with Brad Pitt newly single and all, I was thinking– maybe?

But I should have guessed.

It was a Dorothy at the end of The Wizard of OZ moment –I have known all along—it’s my shoes!  They are always there carrying me through life.  Supporting me through good times and bad. Only draw back, we have gone to dinner many many times—they aren’t much for conversation and they never pick up the check. But with all relationships they is an ebb and flow.



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