Red Shoes!






There is something about red shoes, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think  so.

I have shoes in every color and red shoes always get the most attention, even above the sparklers, of which I also have many. Red demands attention.

That’s why it the color of high alerts.

I have a dozen or so pairs of red shoes (yes I know I have a problem—but there is no Shoes Anonymous – there is a SA, but well—that’s another addiction and I’m pleading the 5th ;o)

I realize I didn’t NEED another pair of red shoes or any shoes for that matter. But I was in NYC for my birthday and these lovely beauties were on sale. And really why won’t I buy apple red shoes in the Big Apple? It seemed sacrilegious not to.

And they are a very welcome addition to the family.

I wear red shoes on stage – often – because they demand attention. Andevery time I don a red pair I am reminded of a show I did in Idaho maybe 12 years ago and this silly naughty limerick an old farmer coot shared with me after the show.

“Here’s to the women in the fancy red shoes

She drank all my liquor

She drank all my booze

She ain’t a virgin

But that ani’t a sin

Cause she still has the box the cherry came in.”


So now you are cursed with having this silly poem in you mind too.

Put on your red shoes – and Dance!




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