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I realized today I never shared with you one aspect that fundamentally represents me: my obsession for stationery (or maybe those of you who follow me on Instagram have noticed this over time!). It started early on in my life, my mom still drags me out of the stationery department in every store (shoutout to you, mom, for letting me buy all those cool notebooks today!)  and my friends know they can never go wrong with some cute invitations, a diary or glittery pens. One really important aspect when I host a party is the invitation. I’m really particular about my ideas, so I usually do them on my own. Come to think of it, I think that’s why I started using Photoshop in the first place. My funniest work yet was for my house-warming party, I won’t go into details but I will say this: Codename: kids next door haha.

Therefore, you can understand that I’m always looking for inspiration when it comes to invitations (thank God for Pinterest!). I was searching for birthday invitations the other day, when I came across Basic Invite. Honestly, I felt like Carrie Bradshaw entering a Manolo Blahnik store! The templates are beautiful and tasteful, and you choose every single detail you’d like for you invitation. And this is where it got amazing to me:  they have the same thinking when it comes to colors as I do-the more shades, the better. You can choose from their +180 colors, and you can change the color of each element on your card-talking about shades of pure joy. If I’m being honest, I would probably end up doing them all in rose gold foil, but you know me and my obsessions by now haha. What really got me over the moon was this wedding invitation I found on Pinterest(collage number 3) which came in a hot pink envelope and then I discovered they have over 40 different colors of envelopes. Like, honestly, how do I go back to my homemade cards after seeing this? I gotta step up my game!
You know how my brain is ultimately wired to fashion (I mean, I do own a fashion blog). While going through their surprise party invitations I actually started thinking what I would wear for such an occasion. I thought I would make some visual moodboards to share them with you. It all started with the first card, for a birthday with an ice cream parlour theme. I don’t know who Sarah is, but two things are certain: she is brilliant for choosing this theme and her friends are so lucky to attend this! I would wear some pastels to match the ice-cream for sure, and the dress would have to be ethereal and loose (there is ice-cream involved after all, I wouldn’t come in skin tight jeans haha).
For the second scenario I was even more excited, because I found this first birthday invitation. That’s obviously because I love my god-daughter so much (it’s her name day today, by the way: Happy name day, little angel!! ) and I can’t wait for the day she’ll turn one, because I know she is going to have an epic party (I’m already making a moodboard on Pinterest). What would I wear? A dress for sure, but I would try to keep it light and casual, and in the childhood theme, so I guess those Chiara Ferragni slip-ons would do the trick (keep daydreaming, Mary!)  
First Birthday Party

And let’s not forget about wedding invitations, because everyone knows they are the trickiest (I grew up watching Bridezillas, so many flaskbacks right now). I honestly feel like you can’t fail if you choose Basic Invite, because it’s all on you. You make every single choice, and they have this unique option of custom samples. It’s great to see everything on paper and the color in real life before sending out hundreds of them! I also love the free address collection service- you share a link they provide with your guests, they can write their address once they click on it, and you receive a nice list of all the addresses you have to mail your cards to.

How do you deal with special occasions, my dear readers? Am I the only one who cares about every single detail (especially stationery) so much?

Wedding attire

Can you even deal with this level of perfection? #invitationgoals

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