Month: September 2017


♪ Macklemore feat Skylar Grey- Glorious♪ I’ve been meditating about a lot of stuff lately, but this happens every single fall I have to leave for university. This post is quite symbolic, because here you have the last summer dress I purchased and wore, the last photos I took with my long hair (head over […]

Fashion Week Cocktails at GBR, Dukes London

During London Fashion Week, I was invited to try out the Fashion Week cocktails after shows at the luxurious Dukes Hotel’s GBR restaurant. Located at a five-minute walk from Buckingham Palace, and located in the heart of Saint James’ Mayfair, the luxurious British hotel fabled for its hospitality is a favourite amongst fashionistas. It is […]

What Is Nappa Leather And How Do I Look After It?

Have you ever seen the term ‘Nappa’ leather and wondered what it meant? In the latest of our leather guides, we explore what exactly Nappa leather is and how to maintain it. ABOUT NAPPA LEATHER Nappa Leather is named after its place of discovery, Napa in California USA. Sawyer Tanning Company employee Emanuel Manasse, coined the term Nappa […]

Gucci Handbag Cleaning And Restoration

Gucci Handbag Cleaning This customer’s canvas Gucci handbag came into The Handbag Spa looking a little distressed and in need of a pamper. First of all, the technicians undertook our exclusive Gucci Handbag Cleaning treatment. which is perfect for cleaning up the canvas! Furthermore, the team then went about smoothing over the leather corner trim. […]

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