Don’t stress, do your best!

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I needed to do some soul-searching because if you’re reading this and you know me (in my natural environment) I’m really stressed about a lot of things. In theory, I am aware of what I should do to control certain moods, but throw in Med School, with tons of tests and hours spent away from home and there goes your zen state! At least in my case, and I think for me this comes from the responsibility my future job entails. I don’t have time to learn a course about a disease, let’s say. I never hear about it again, since it’s not in the domain I choose. What if years later a patient comes with that disease and I’m not able to see the signs? This is exaggerated example, but you get the point. It has been really hard for me to live a balanced life in college. Something’s gotta give! I found the cutest pink notebook at Stradivarius two weeks ago (dear Secret Santa, if you’re reading this, take note haha) and it had a motto on it “Don’t stress, do your best!”. It may seem plain and simple, but it was just the boost that I needed. 

I started accepting that I can’t control every aspect of my life and I’m currently using the quote from that notebook as a mantra. It’s okay to go with your friends when you have a two-hour break every Tuesday to eat fast food and take walks in the park. We laugh about how in our first years we would run straight to the library and make every minute of the gap count! I wrote this because maybe some of you are struggling with anxiety or stress and I need you to know that IT’S OKAY. You can change this, you just have to love and put yourself first. Surround yourself with positive people and save some time for your soul.

For this special post, I wore a special outfit. This is the dress I bought when I started my first year in Med School. I took photos of my outfit back then, and it was my first blog post away from home. As I am comparing the photos, I can see how much I’ve changed. And I’m not just talking about the fact that now I know how to apply makeup haha. And let’s all take a moment to appreciate my dear friend Codrina for capturing this precious moment!

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