Month: January 2018

The best Paris Haute Couture Week Bags!

31 Jan The best Paris Haute Couture Week Bags! Last week the celebrated Haute Couture Week took place in the city of lights, Paris. The biggest fashion houses were presenting their couture collection. This is the chance for the fashion designers to make a statement of strength and technical ability. Each look was specially made in an atelier, created by the most […]


First and foremost, happy new year my dear friends. As always, and we all know so needless to say but I’ll say it anyway : time flies too quickly doesn’t it? And even though, since we can’t slow it down, or stop it (if anyone knows the opposite hit me up, a bit of time […]

12 Colourful Boys Jumpers | SS18

I wanted to buy Tyler a new jumper the other day, but was shocked at the lack of choice on the high street. Now I’m talking about a knitted jumper here, not a sweatshirt (as there are plenty of sweatshirts), just a simple, comfy, bright jumper. BUT all there was in the usual high street […]

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