Month: April 2018

How to get the popular pompadour

The Pompadour haircut is a Slikhaar favorite that looks good on men of all ages, faces and hair types. We’ll let you in on the different types of Pompadours, which tools and products you need and, most importantly, how to style it. What Is the Pompadour? So… At its absolute basic, the pompadour is a hairstyle that […]

This bag is all I’ll need! And you will too!

29 Apr This bag is all I’ll need! And you will too! Ladies, listen up! I found you the perfect bag. It’s customisable, reversible and good-looking. This bag is all you’ll ever need as it is durable and light weight. Didn’t you always wanted a changeable, unique and functional carryall that can fulfil your demand while you juggle […]

Waiting For Perfection – J Hollywood Designs

Let’s have a chat about shopping for a custom engagement ring. So you’ve done the research, pinned ALL OF THE THINGS on Pinterest, decided what type of center stone you’d like, which brand, shape, size, and found your dream setting. You’ve selected THE most fabulous vendor to purchase your ring from (I’d suggest J Hollywood […]

New Iconic Handbags You Don’t Want to Miss…

In the handbag world, there are some classics that never go out of fashion – the Hermes Birkin, the Chanel 2.55, the Louis Vuitton Speedy for example. But each season there’s a new collection of beautiful designer handbags just waiting to be discovered and turned into the classics of the future. Here’s a quick round […]

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