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Want shiny, gorgeous hair? Then get serious about what you put on the table! Here’s what experts say will work to boost more beautiful hair:

Greens:  Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach are packed with nutrients.  Spinach has vitamins A and C, iron and beta carotene that promote moisture and a healthy scalp. Add them to your sandwiches and wraps as beauty builders!

Salmon:  For shine!  For sure!  It’s packed with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and helps grow hair and keep it shiny. 

Chia Seeds:  You’ve heard about healthy fats.  Known as Super Foods, Chia seeds are known to boost energy, but it’s also believed they can promote circulation, which is good for your scalp!

Lemon:  Lemons are packed with nutrients like Vitamin C. Why is that important to your hair? First, Vitamin C will boost collagen production, and help your hair grow faster. And secondly, it’s important to maintaining great hair structure.

Whole Grains:  Want strong, healthy hair?  Experts say eat a variety of whole grains.  Make it easy by simply choosing brown rice over white rice.  It’s rich in vitamin b and can help reduce the chance of hair breakage.


What To Eat for Healthy Hair

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