'Coincidence' or Manifestation?

A few days ago I was dropping someone off at the airport in the very early hours of the morning.   On the way back, on the M25, it was so boring that to pass the time, I thought of some of my favourite bands.   I began to think of one band in particular, from the 1980s, and in my head went through their songs. I settled on one song, not their most well known, and in my head began to replay the whole thing.   I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great to hear that song again.   At the same moment I decided to turn on the radio, and half jokingly thought to myself, okay, I want to hear it right now!  You can probably guess what happened.   The very same song was playing on the radio.  I listened, and, whilst some would call it ‘coincidence’, (I would love to know the astronomical odds of that song being played on the radio right then of all the songs every written!) for me it was a huge reminder, once again, that we are all creating our reality every day.  

Around twenty years ago – before the internet made everything ‘googleable’, I picked up a postcard of what looked to me like a monastery high up in the mountains, sitting impossibly on top of a tiny bit of rock, that was called ‘Meteora’.   I stuck the picture up where I could see it in my home, and imagined what went on in such a sacred place, so remote, and what it would be like to meditate there.   I wished one day I could visit, but had absolutely no idea where it was or how to get there.  At some point I lost the postcard and forgot all about it.   


​A few years ago, feeling fed up, I decided to suddenly go on holiday somewhere sunny.  I was trying to find a reasonable cheap break and discovered the best option was Halkidiki in Greece.    When we arrived, the place was warm, and the food was good and the staff were lovely, but there wasn’t much to do.  One day I happened to notice you could go on trips, and I scanned the photos of where to visit, and there to my total astonishment, was the picture of the remote place on a rock with the name ‘Meteora’ under it.   I couldn’t believe that this was the place I had wanted to visit all those years ago, that I had forgotten about!   So a few days later I found myself on a coach trip through Greece to visit this dramatic place.   When I arrived, whilst the place itself was stunning and breathtaking, once I went inside I realised energetically it was not for me, and it was nothing like I had imagined in my head.   However, it was still amazing to be able to visit, and for me this was another huge lesson in manifestation. 

Whatever we put our energy into we create.   And the more we think about it, and focus on it, the more we are creating it, it doesn’t matter if its good or bad, or whether when we have it we realise we never wanted it in the first place.   If we put energy into something, even if we did it in the distant past, even in a ‘previous’ lifetime, at some point, it will manifest.  In fact everything we are and have is just the culmination of everything we have previously put our energy into (karma in other words!). 

‘Reality’ is not what we are taught to think it is, and is merely being co-created by ourselves in every second.   Nor does tIme exist as we conventionally perceive it, otherwise it would be impossible to think one thing, and then to be able to create it in the next.   Of course quantum physics has been saying this for quite a while, that things only exist when we put our attention on them.   Interestingly, this is also what some races have believed on the planet, such as the Hopi Indians, who have a very different notion of time to us.   For them things have either been ‘manifested’ or still lie in an unmanifested state.

I remember years ago hearing that ‘shamans’ had the power to change the reality around them, and as a small example of this, they could focus on a cloud and will it to separate and it would.   I remember trying this with little success staring at the sky and thinking it must be impossible!  Now what I realise is, such things can be done, it is just that I was seeing everything the wrong way round. If you believe our world and existence is physical and ‘nuts and bolts’ then no one can part clouds, and no one can influence what song will next be played on the radio.  But if you realise that we are just living in a sea of energy; a sea of possibilities, then we can do anything.   In dreams we can do anything.   What we consider ‘reality’ is actually no more than a very convincing dream.   That is why the shaman can part clouds.   The only reason the telegraph pole at the corner of the road is there tomorrow is because enough people believe it will be.   Who knows, maybe if enough people forget it’s even there, it might just disappear and we would forget it ever existed in the first place.  Perhaps we could try that with a few people in power in the world!    Incidentally, if you haven’t yet heard of the ‘Mandela effect’ its worth researching.

At the deepest level what this means is that collectively we can also create a better reality than the one we find ourselves in; which currently seems to be doom and gloom and impending global armageddon of one sort or another.   Rather than ‘believing’ what newspapers and media tells us, and getting stuck in hopeless lower vibrations, thereby perpetually re-creating a disturbing and worrying world around us, instead we can choose differently and literally think and believe positive and we will then all create it – and it doesn’t take that many humans of clear intention to do this. The secret with manifestation is to keep it in the present tense, in the positive and to feel like you already have it and are already there:

This world is filled with more and more beauty.
This world is filled with kindness  and compassion.
The most magical things are happening every day.
Miracles are happening everywhere that are raising the vibration on the planet for the highest good.
Humanity is filled with truth and light.

It is lovely to wake up and find enough of us have changed our thoughts and we have indeed manifested miracles over night upon this planet.   

Photos by kind permission of Milan Lysak

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