March Full Moon – Dandelion Seed Daydreams

When the world feels unclear, scary, and even backward, it’s important to raise the counter frequency, calling in peace, unconditional love, acceptance, and kindness.  Sage Goddess, is committed to working with Gaia’s gifts, the love of the Earth. From gems, herbs, and essential oils, to food and shelter, human beings are dependent upon the planet for growth and life. Put your bare feet on the ground, step outside for a breath of fresh air – feel your place in our world home and our interconnectedness as Earth Mother’s children. Practice gratitude, and enforce positive thoughts, which will then turn into positive actions. Throughout the world, and to Gaia, continue to send love and light, offering support in all the ways you can, trusting good will always prevail. My Planetary Healing Full Moon Set was created to help you invoke and embrace the healing and loving energies around you!

The Full Moon is a good time for releasing pain, discharging emotions, and purging old ways. Create your own Full Moon Ritual,I have provided a link to a post on how to do this at

March’s full moon is commonly called the Full Worm Moon.

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Dandelion Seed Daydreams

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