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**EDIT** Everything has now been sold! Totally overwhelmed by the response, thank you to everyone who sent in enquiring emails! If you’d like to be notified about future bag sales, sign up to – a (FREE!) resale platform that I’m launching in the summer 🙂 I’ll be listing all of my bags there in future.


In an effort to not turn into a completely crazy bag lady, I’m parting ways with some of my bags and SLGs! This is probably the biggest clearout I’ve ever done but then it’s also massively overdue.

I’ve only included the one photo of each below but I have plenty more of each item so please feel free to message to ask for more photos.

Please note that this works on a first come, first serve basis. Items are officially ‘sold’ when I receive payment. The last time I did a sale, I received an insane amount of emails so I’m just going to say up front that I won’t be able to respond to them all individually this time – I’m sorry! I will update here as soon as items sell though so if you’re unsure about the status of an item, please refresh the page 🙂

I have listed the price in both GBP and USD but I am happy to ship anywhere. All items will be shipped out on Monday 15th April to allow me time to pack them properly and book collections etc. (Thank you in advance for your patience!)

Payment to be made by Paypal friends and family, otherwise please add 4% for fees.

If you’re interested in an item please email [email protected]



**SOLD** Fendi Magenta Peekaboo

PRICE: £1850 GBP (current retail £3050+) | $2500 USD (current retail $4200 excl. tax)

Fendi Medium Peekaoo in the Magenta. Comes complete with adorable rain cover and strap.

Condition: Excellent condition. The leather and interior is perfect. There is some mild wear on the hardware.


**SOLD** Gucci Velvet Marmont Mini

PRICE: £700 GBP (current retail £1160) | $970 USD (current retail $1590)

Gucci Marmont mini in the black velvet.

Condition: Very good. The velvet is thinner around the edges of the flap and the bottom (however it was purchased like this rather the wear and tear).


**SOLD** Chanel Tiffany Blue WOC

PRICE: £1620 GBP (current retail £1900) | $2160 USD (current retail $2500 excl. tax)

Tiffany blue caviar WOC. So stunning! Only selling because I bought a pink version and just can’t justify having two in my collection 🙂

Condition: Perfect, like new condition.


**SOLD** Chanel Black Boy Bag – Old Medium

PRICE: £2800 GBP (current retail £3,750) | $3850 USD (current retail $4900 excl. tax)

Black lambskin with ruthenium hardware. Old medium size.

Condition: Excellent. Some light scratches on the inside flap. None on the outside. There is a ‘kind of’ small scratch on the side of the bag in the leather but I actually think this is just a feature of the leather as the texture doesn’t feel like a scratch (message for pics!).


**SOLD** Chanel Pink Boy Bag  – Old Medium

PRICE: £2800 GBP (current retail £3,750) | $3850 USD (current retail $4900 excl. tax)

Pink goatskin with shiny silver hardware. Old medium size.

Condition: Perfect, like new condition.


**SOLD** Gucci Marmont Black Flap

£900 GBP (current retail £1420) | $1250 USD (current retail $1980 excl. tax)

Gucci Marmont Black Small Flap

Condition: Excellent condition. Two very small dents on the right side flap (visible in photo). Some minor leather impressions on the inside of the flap. Apart from that, the bag looks as good as new with the leather still beautifully puffy.


**SOLD** Saint Laurent Kate

PRICE: £660 GBP (current retail £1050) | $900 USD (current retail $1650 excl. tax)

Saint Laurent Kate Bag

Condition: Very good condition. There is a scratch above the YSL logo (visible in photo), minor creasing on the back, some minor wear on the bottom of the bag and a couple of light scratches on the interior. I have a video of the wear and tear – email to see it 🙂


**SOLD** Chloe Drew Mini – Cement Pink

PRICE: £500 GBP (current retail £1090) | $680 USD (current retail $1650 excl. tax)

Chloe Drew in the mini size in the colour Cement Pink.

Condition: Excellent condition. Some scratches and wear on the front hardware and one tiny leather scratch on the side of the bag.


**SOLD**Gucci Soho Disco

PRICE: £500 GBP (current retail £805) | $680 USD (current retail $1190 excl. tax)

Gucci Soho Disco in the impossible to find pink colour.

Condition: Very good. Creasing throughout and some mild softening of the structure at the top of the bag.


**SOLD** Furla Metropolis Mini

PRICE: £60 GBP (current retail £237) | $90 USD (current retail $255)

Furla Metropolis mini in the blue colour.

Condition: Excellent condition. One small dent in the leather in the bottom right corner (visible in photo).


**SOLD** Chanel Rose Gold Wallet – ON HOLD

PRICE: £640 GBP (current retail: I *think* it’s £670) | $860 USD (current retail: unknown)

Chanel rose gold caviar wallet (long sold out)

Condition: Excellent condition. No notable wear anywhere. Card slots unsealed but that’s it.


**SOLD** Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse

PRICE: £250 GBP (current retail £380) | $350 USD (current retail $605 excl. tax)

Louis Vuitton zippy coin purse in empriente leather. Beautiful, long sold out colour.

Condition: Used but in excellent condition with no notable wear.


**SOLD** Gucci Belt – Size 85

PRICE: £240 GBP (current retail £320) | $340 USD (current retail $450 excl. tax)

Gucci Marmont brown leather belt in size 85 (for reference, I take a size 26 in jeans and it fits me perfectly).

Condition: Perfect, new condition. Intentionally distressed leather.


**SOLD** Gucci Sneakers

PRICE: £150 GBP (current retail £445) | $220 USD (current retail $620 excl. tax)

Gucci Ace Sneakers with the foldable back (in case you want to make them into a mule). Size 37 however these run really big! I typically take a 38 in flat shoes.

Condition: Worn but in good condition. Some dirt on soles (obviously!) but nothing crazy, some minor creasing to the leather.


Any questions, let me know! All enquiries to [email protected] please 🙂

P.S. If you want to be notified first about bag sales, I announce on my Facebook page first 🙂


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