how to style a red leather jacket

It’s rare that a single item receives a dedicated blog post these days, unless I made it, in which case I can write 900 words about a jumper. Often feels like there’s no real point, right? That said, this particular new wardrobe edition feels deserving of a little blog airtime, so here we are. Blog, meet my new red leather jacket.

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly invited to an event with British brand Lakeland Leather at their Bowness store, a town I’ve visited many times. Most blogger events are in cities so was lovely to be invited to one in a prettier location, and the drive through the Lakes on a sunny day isn’t exactly a chore. I have many fond memories of being a little kid in my mum’s MINI, driving through the Lake District with the roof down singing along to Pat Benatar, and I rather enjoyed reliving those times down the country lanes behind the wheel myself this time. Haven’t managed to acquire a MINI convertible (yet), but Pat Benatar I can do. Bloody good job nobody could hear my rendition though.

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