Month: June 2019

ALFAMA – The Fierce Diaries

  Hi My loves!!! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.. I know I did! I did a lot of planning for the next 2 months… I’ll be heading to 7 different countries in just a month and a half! Some were completely unplanned before and I had to move a few locations around since I […]

The Future of Event Marketing

The Future of Event Marketing Published by Jo .F on June 25, 2019 Posted in Promotional Bags In a world of social media and teleconferences, face to face meetings may seem anachronistic. But digital is not the exponentially growing channel it used to be. Major social platforms like Facebook have reached maturity and Snapchat users […]

Astrology Gemstone Recommendation by Pure Vedic Gems ~ Pure Vedic Gems

With more than 3 generations of family background in dealing with precious and semi precious gems and jewelry and having a keen interest and understanding of the various ancient alternative healing sciences like Vedic Astrology, Mantra Healing, Ratna and Rudraksha Dharana, Yog Sadhana, Yagyas and Ayurveda and continuously practicing and researching these sciences from years […]

LISBON – The Fierce Diaries

Holla from Lisbon my loves! Hope you are all just being fabulous. This year has been my year for sure… I can only say it’s only going to get better and I can only be grateful for what has happened and everything that will be coming in the near future. I have worked so hard […]

Comfortable Heels Do Exist! – #NAOTIC BLOG

Say “YES” to comfort and style!  Get ready to rock Wedding Season with these beauties from our Avant-Garde Collection.  Whether it’s your big day or you’re someone’s plus one, you are at your best when you are smiling and comfortable! CONTEMPO Enjoy dancing all night with the Contempo in our beautiful Quartz Leather.  Sweet and […]

Tried & True Hair Products

Hair products… isn’t it so hard to know where to put your money? I want a quality product that is going to strengthen my hair and support it rather than break it down. Going through a million hair care products to find what is truly good and will serve your hair how you need it… […]

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