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Today we are sharing 8 quick and easy ponytail ideas, including simple step by step instructions.


During the summer and hot weather, we have been loving hairstyles that keep our hair up, off of our necks, and out of the way.  These hairstyles would be great for summer vacations, the beach, swimming, riding bikes, working out, sports, barbecues, etc.  These ponytails don’t have to be just for summertime either.  These styles would be great for back to school and many other every day occasions.

You may recognize some of these styles if you are a long time subscriber of our hair tutorials.  This is a compilation video of some of our favorite ponytail hair styles from the past!  We have gathered them all in one video, hoping to save you time searching if you are specifically looking for ponytail

8 Ponytail Hairstyles For Summer, Video Tutorials: 

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Hairstyles included in this video:

#1 Side twist ponytail

Side twist ponytail hairstyle tutorial. Cute and easy.

#2  Fishtail braid chain ponytail

Fishtail chain braid video tutorial.

#3 Ponytail cascade

Ponytail cascade hair tutorial. Cute back to school hairstyle.

#4 The woven ponytail

Woven ponytail hair tutorial. So easy!

#5 Ponytail knot

Cute ponytail hair knot video tutorial.

#6 Triple twist ponytail

Triple twist ponytail hair tutorial for summer.

#7 Spindle top ponytail

Spindle top ponytail hairstyle.

#8 How to wrap the top of a ponytail with hair to cover the hair tie or elastic

How to wrap the top of a ponytail with hair.  No extra elastics or bobby pins!

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