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If you’re an avid traveller like me, you’re no doubt used to travelling with a portable medical kit. For years, my kit used to include things like Panadol and/or Nurofen, Berocca, cold and flu tablets, throat lozenges, bandaids and other items that I thought would help me on the road in whatever situation I found myself in.

I recently went cruising through the South Pacific, and this time, decided to just take my essential oils – not a Panadol in sight! In this post, I discuss my favourite essential oils for cruising – and on any sort of trip.

What was in my kit bag?

Firstly, let me start by saying that I only use and trust essential oils and products from doTERRA – there’s a reason they’re the world’s largest essential oil company – and that’s because they produce the highest quality oils available (and people love these oils)! In fact, a recent independent lab comparison test of some of the most well-known essential oil brands showed that doTERRA’s oils were one of a very select group of oils that DID NOT come back with markers for adulteration. In other words – almost all of the other oils tested indicated they had either been diluted, or mixed with other substances.

Because our skin is our largest organ, we all want to be sure that the essential oils we’re using on our skin and in our diffusers are the highest quality. You can rest assured that any doTERRA products you use are guaranteed “pure” – each and every batch!

So what did my ideal oily kitbag look like?

The antibacterial On Guard Hand Sanitising Mist – I used religiously instead of the hideous chemical hand sanitiser they make everyone use before every meal on cruise ships. This one smells SO much nicer and is much more gentle on the skin. My fellow cruise buddies even leaned over to ask what smelt so good! This hand sanitising mist is also the perfect companion for any handbag, anywhere…planes, trains and automobiles can all get a bit manky, and in a 27ml bottle, this bottle will easily last a week of pretty solid hand sanitising (and is flight-friendly, being under 100ml).

On Guard Essential Oil Blendwhich I diffused in our cabin to purify the air as soon as got on board (and a couple of drops every night). If there’s something going through the air conditioning system of the ship (or a hotel for example), this oil will at least help to keep our cabin sweet! This oil also supports the immune system, so if other people are going down with the lurgy that invariably runs through a cruise ship, this oils helps to support the body naturally.

On Guard throat lozenges – with essential oils like clove, cinnamon, wild orange, eucalyptus, rosemary and myrrh, I was popping these lozenges at the first sign of a scratchy throat, cold or cough. As well as supporting my immune system, they’re a much healthier option than shop-bought throat lozenges. These tuck easily into any bag, and are also a great option for getting oils safely into kids. They taste pretty good too!

DigestZen, doTERRA’s digestive blend – in case I felt seasick – I usually don’t suffer seasickness – and I didn’t this time – but if I’d have felt the slightest bit queasy, this was my go to oil. It’s also great for easing that feeling of discomfort after pigging out at the buffet. Each night, I’d mix a couple of drops of this oil into Fractionated Coconut Oil, and rub it round my belly, to help all the rich foods digest.

The same goes for Peppermint oil – just one drop under the tongue helps with digestion and eases feelings of nausea. Peppermint oil rubbed into the temples helps to ease headaches for me too. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t reach for a Panadol once, because I didn’t have any with me! And, because it can get a bit stuffy in the lower levels of cruise ships (and anywhere in planes), dropping a drop of peppermint into my hands, and then taking a deep breath into my palms, instantly helpedto clear sinuses or any stuffy breathing.

My favourite essential oils for cruising and travelling


Zendocrine, the “restart” or “detox” blend, diluted in coconut oil and massaged over my liver area helped my body to detoxify and support my liver function while I was at sea. With all those pina coladas, mojitos and delicious cruise food, this was a really important part of my self-care regime this holiday! This blend is also suitable to be consumed in water – 1 drop in a glass water bottle will do the trick!

Lavender oil, pre-diluted with coconut oil in a roller bottle, helped me both to sleep soundly. And not that I got sunburnt, but if I had done,  I’d have used it diluted with coconut oil and massaged into my skin as after-sun care. In my previous experience using Lavender oil for sun-burn, it literally took the redness out of my shoulders overnight.

Tea tree oil, like this version, which comes pre-diluted in a roller bottle, was included to sort out any cuts, bumps etc. Fortunately, I didn’t need anywhere, but being around tropical islands definitely made it worth preparing for.

The Past Tense blend was awesome to massage into achy muscles after the epic dancing sessions at the cruise parties, and also was great on my back – some beds while travelling can be awesome and some, not so much…Past Tense was a great relief!

The same goes for the Deep Blue rub (or Ice Blue as it’s called in Australia). This was perfect for massaging into my weary legs after walking round the islands each day. If you’re having a more active holiday – with say lots of sports or walking etc, this blend would be perfect too!

Sample-size oils-packed shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste, so I didn’t have to bother taking full-size bottles and tubes. I got two days out of the hair care products and two brushes out of each toothpaste sachet – and because the shampoo and conditioner contain essential oils my hair always smelt fresh.

I also took my doTERRA Brevi Diffuser, and had no issues running it out of the 220V power sockets on the ship. I only used the diffuser while we were in the cabin – but it was beautiful to come back to the cabin each afternoon after a day’s activities, and chill out to some of my favourite aromatic oils – like the new Green Mandarin, and my faves like Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood. I also had my favourite sleepy time blends diffusing all night. For a light sleeper like me, any additional help in staying asleep is a good thing!

All of these oils fit easily into a padded toiletry bag (which I carried in my carry-on luggage with no issues at the gates, at customs or anywhere, for that matter!). I used one of my bras to protect the diffuser while in transit – who knew they were also good for that? 😂

I loved knowing that I was travelling with oils that would support my health and wellbeing (whether I needed them or not) – and it gave me some beautiful sensory memories – like sailing out of Mystery Island to the scent of green mandarin…divine!

If you would like help creating your ideal travel kit (and getting all of these amazing products at 25% off the advertised retail prices) please get in touch and we can arrange a complimentary (and obligation-free) Lifestyle and Wellness Review where we’ll discuss your health and wellness goals, and the most appropriate oils for you! OR, if you know what you’d like, and you’re ready to jump in, you can get get started right now!

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Do you currently use essential oils while cruising or travelling? If so, which are your favourites and how do you use them?

Melanie Surplice

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