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9/01/2019 07:41:00 AM

This pattern is my September 2019 pattern for the Bag of the Month Club, and if you are a member of the club, it will now be in your account at www.bagomc.com. If you are not a member, you can still join until the end of November 2019, and after that it will not be available to purchase on my website until Dec 1st, 2019.

The size of the Flora Wristlet is:

Width- 11” (28 cm) Height- 6” (15 cm) Depth- 1” (2.5 cm)

Check out my Pattern Tester’s Photos! 
Let’s see more inspiration!

Vanessa Martin’s pattern test was with a thick woven upholstery style fabric. Isn’t the flower gorgeous! 

Tara Sinclair, bag maker and instructor from UhOh Creations, used this really cool textured leather. This is wild! It looks fuzzy, but it’s not! 

Just to prove something doesn’t have to be floral to be pretty, this is Cheryl Strain’s (Cheryl’s Quilts & Crafts) clutch! 

Pat DeVore from Washington, created a stunning Flora. She chose to leave off the wristlet strap this time.

Jayne Baldwin of Totally Bagged! also made the Flora – from a floral. Nice choice!! 

These beautiful bags are by Barbara Hourigan, aka The Bag Lady. She made TWO shoulder bags with chain straps! 

Line Vienneau, a BC bag seller (Fine Line Designs), made THREE of them, and decided she did like the shoulder strap version the best. 

Susan McQuone totally amazed me with this stunner! I love this look. 

Chris Bevan’s pretty bold print is perfect! This bag looks good with a small print OR large print! 

Another wristlet with a large print by Nancy Edtl. LOVE this too! 

Our purse chain is a great addition to this bag. This one by Moira Colville. The flowers have gone to seed, but they look like sparklers or fireworks! 

Gwen Lockwood’s (GML Designs) is TWO SIDED! How smart. Leather on one side and a bold floral on the other. So classy. LOVE. 

Thank you so much to all of my friends that have tested this bag pattern for me! I just love each and every one, and I could not have done this without you!

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Thank you!

Janelle MacKay

Janelle @ Emmaline Bags

I’m Janelle, and I run a growing bag making supply and pattern design company up in the very cold areas of Canada. This is the place to find info on upcoming patterns, contests and free sewing tutorials and patterns.

Janelle @ Emmaline Bags

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