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About fifteen years ago I attended a course at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. Whilst there I read an article online by our tutor about how easy it was to get sidetracked from staying on a spiritual path by all the illusions and ‘glamour’ of this world.   Alongside the article was a sepia picture of a fairground.   When I clicked on it a short film began playing, from maybe a hundred years ago, of lots of people screaming and laughing amongst the lights and carnival attractions.   All the people moved jerkily in staccato fashion, slightly sped up, and they were running around like they were hypnotised; totally seduced by all the wonders and excitement around them.   I was so disturbed by it I had nightmares.   

This is how life is.   We are all dazzled by all the distortions and distractions, the big lights and irresistible glamours of this world; ‘quick play with me now’, ‘you really need to see this’, ‘do this/do that’, ‘wow, you’ll never believe what’s over here’, all of this keeping us so frantically occupied that we forget to do the simple and most important thing whilst we are alive; to go within and look at ourselves, to work on our shadow; to understand why we are here and then to do something about it.   And now, with the computer age everything has been magnified and multiplied, the good and the bad, the fairground is at our fingertips every second of the day.


It may seem harmless, but the thrills are all so temporary; as soon as you taste them, they are gone and this can leave you feeling very empty and wanting more.   And very soon you are too old to get on the rides, and may become bitter and resentful, and there may be a nagging feeling that you’ve maybe wasted your life, that you’ve done nothing meaningful with it because you’ve been too busy queuing up for the latest attractions.   You may also believe this is the first time you’ve decided to get on this ride only to discover actually you’ve been on the same ride thousands and thousands of times before, you just forget every time you incarnate back into the fairground of life.

We truly live in the matrix.   We are all lulled into a trance, a sleep so deep, that it can feel almost impossible to wake up.   Yet all of this is glamour, an illusion, a mirage with no substance at all.   And the matrix illusion is not a passive thing.   It seeks to remain in control.

On the course at Findhorn our teacher also said how important it was to set a clear intention for ourselves about our personal development but at the same time to remain alert for when we could be distracted from following this intention.   Our evening session was drawing to a close and I decided there and then that I would go straight from our workshop room to the Meditation Sanctuary where I would spend what remained of the evening in deep reflection on how to move forwards on my spiritual path.   It was maybe a one minute walk through the building to get there. This walk took me down the hall, along a corridor, and past the main communal living room.  I was confident nothing would sway me from my purpose and I would no longer be seduced by the glamours of this world.   As I made my way past the living room, a good friend rushed out and said ‘Rob, you’re just who we need to make up the numbers – we’re playing an amazing creepy game called ‘Werewolf’, you’ll love it, its such fun!’.   I peered through the glass and could see more friends all gathered round a table laughing, beckoning me in.   Without any hesitation I went in to join them and spent the evening playing and enjoying myself immensely (though with a nagging feeling that something wasn’t quite right at the back of my mind).   It was only a couple of days later that I suddenly remembered my original intention of leaving the workshop space to go straight to meditate.   I had a cold shiver.   It had probably taken me all of thirty seconds to get distracted from my path, was this a record?   The game itself had involved working out who the secret werewolf was amongst us, before we became its victims.   In the game, we could also secretly be the werewolves ourselves.   There was definitely an element of all our ‘shadows’ merrily at play that evening.

So what can be done about this illusory realm we live in?   So that we are not so easily taken in as I was?   The scariest thing about all the fairground rides is that it’s so hard to pull the plug so they stop spinning for a moment to give us time for a breather, to reflect on what is actually going on.   

I’ve found the most effective way to pull the plug or to find that ‘off switch’, is meditation.   By going within, you begin to really feel, and know, what is truly real, so you are then able to discern bit by bit truth from illusion on this planet.  This sadly doesn’t happen overnight, and it can take a long time before the benefits of meditating build up.   Luckily, the mineral kingdom can really help with this process.

Labradorite crystals healingLabradorite crystals

There are crystals that can help our mind become more still, such as Sodalite, Labradorite, Black Jade, or Amethyst.   The Bach Flower Remedy for this is White Chestnut, so you could try this also. Bush Flower also make a Meditation Essence.   Clear Quartz may also help by bringing clarity and focus as well as helping reach a higher vibration.  However, it is also highly energising so for some people may be too much, and I wouldn’t advise meditating with it in the evening in case you don’t sleep afterwards!

Lapis Lazuli crystals healingLapis Lazuli crystals

​There are also crystals that can help us, in differing ways, to tap into our own inner wisdom, so we are not as trapped within illusion, such as Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Sapphire, Iolite, Azurite, Labradorite, and many more.

And there are crystals to help us reach higher vibrations so that we can be more aware of who we really are beyond our earthly identity. Amethyst is good for this, and other crystals of a much higher vibration such as Celestite, Kunzite or Danburite (all of which need to be used with compatible grounding stones).   Sugilite can also show us a greater truth, but is deeply profound and only to be used with great care.

I do hope I haven’t put you off the next time you’re queueing for the Big Wheel or the Dodgems!

Top photo ‘An Amusement Park At Night’ by Edwin Soto.
Middle photo ‘Woman Standing on Metal Fence Near Boy Wearing Black Cap’ by Amanda Cottrell.  
Both photos used by kind permission and uploaded from ‘Pexels’ free stock photos.

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