[Style Guide] ASOS Winter Steals

As every season comes and goes, what you wear is incredibly important. Winter is a beautiful time of the year, as you can wear layers upon layers yet still look stylish! 

If you’re in search for style inspiration in the icy temperature, look no further. Here are some winter must haves from ASOS!

Jackets & Coats

Although not great for colder temperatures, denim jackets are great for guys who like the casual vibe but still want to look fresh. It is an adaptable piece of clothing, easily paired with a t-shirt if a little warm, turtleneck if temperatures are dropping or a hoodie for when the temperatures drop to 0!

Once the temperature drops, switch up your style with a warm and stylish wool overcoat. Although they are quite pricey, it is a must have for any man who takes care of himself. It is available in many types of colours or styles to suit many gents needs. Nevertheless, I would suggest trying to match the rest of your wardrobe, stick to bold colours such as navy, charcoal or camel.


No longer a piece for just the gym or to lounge around in! Hoodies are great to pair with a bomber jacket, denim or gilet! You can now feel comfortable whilst still looking your best as hoodies are becoming more and more of a fashion statement!


Instantly add sophistication to your outfit with a turtleneck. Easily paired with a shirt, blazer or even a denim jacket. Also, paired well with jeans or a smart pair of trousers, slick back your hair and pop on a pair of glasses to add to your sophisticated style!

One of the more traditional is the cable knit jumper which is a stylish way to keep yourself warm this winter. Chunky knit looks fantastic too when paired with a jacket and jeans. Layer up for the colder months with an overcoat.


Winter is here so put away those white trainers and pull out those bad boy boots! Surprisingly, they are very comfortable to wear and make your style pop if styled with a pair of slim or skinny jeans. 

From Chelsea to lace-up or desert, there are so many designs that you can incorporate into an outfit, so nothing is stopping you.

Umesh Surila

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