[Self Love] How to Start Loving Yourself

People who love themselves are not self-obsessed or arrogant. When I say that you should learn to love yourself, it means that you must believe in yourself and not let others take you for granted. Loving your significant other, friends, and family is an important part of life, but how can you expect others to love you back if you do not even see yourself as a lovable creature? The thing is that you need to understand that you are the most important person in your life, and putting yourself first in not a ​criminal offense.

Why Loving Yourself is Hard

We live in a cruel world, full of haters and frenemies. We somehow fail to impress our parents, our hard work is never enough to satisfy our boss, and we fall short on the expectations of our peers. No one ever tells you that you are beautiful the way you are, so your mirror does the same. Nobody ever appreciates what you do or cares how you feel. If all those things are relatable and make you feel hollow, then it is time for a revolution.

Forgiveness is the Key

Our heart and mind are always at war because we refuse to get over our mistakes and take a break. Nobody is perfect, and the world will not give us a second chance unless we forgive ourselves first. If there is something that you cannot change about you, then accept it and embrace it. Do not wait for another person’s approval and just do what makes you feel happy or at peace.

Listen to Yourself

If pleasing others is your only goal in life, you will end up destroying your own personality and self-esteem. Whenever you find yourself in the middle of making big life decisions, rely on your own thoughts and dreams. The people around you should not pave the driveway to your future. You may see them as much smarter or more experienced than you are, but that doesn’t mean you allow them to dictate your every move. Follow your own instincts for a change and see how well it works out.

Take Care of Yourself

It is admirable if you deem yourself responsible for other people in your life. Spreading love and endowing gratifying gestures makes a big difference. However, you will not be able to properly take care of anyone if you are neglecting yourself. Spare some time to your own health and appearance before you start fulfilling the needs of others. Eat wholesome meals, work out, dress nice, buying something fancy for yourself, get your beauty sleep, do not overwork, relax, and indulge in activities you are passionate about.

Let go of Toxicity

Sometimes one or more poisonous relationships or a mortifying job is what forces us to hate ourselves. The only way to cleanse the toxicity from our lives is by letting go. If you invest everything into something, but all you get back is negativity, then there is no point in continuing that arduous journey. We all fall for the wrong people and do irrational things out of love, but there should be a limit.

If you keep giving and the other person only receives, you will eventually drain yourself or burn out. Similarly, working somewhere that has a stressful or hostile environment at all times is never rewarding. Be with people who respect you and know how to return a favour. Toxic people will only realise your worth when you leave them, and you will only love yourself when you cut them off for good.

Umesh Surila

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