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How Copper can help with Covid 19

There is a lot of panic and fear around at the moment so I thought I would begin writing blog posts on crystals and other things that can hopefully help in the current situation.

In this post I wanted to highlight amazing Copper.   This is a chemical element and a crystal if you hadn’t realised.   It is used energetically by healers to help ground the energy field, (which can help with energetic protection), and also conduct energy through it.      

Copper also has certain wonderful physical properties that can help prevent the spread of the virus.  For example, copper oxide is being used in anti-viral face masks.

Copper has been shown to have amazing anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and it has also been proven that the coronavirus cannot live very long on copper surfaces and indeed it can destroy the virus completely .

I’m personally carrying pieces of copper with me in my pocket at the moment so that it’s within my energy field, and also to hold during the day.   Another idea if you have one is to drink from a copper water bottle, which has been proven to help alkalinise water and remove harmful microbes from water, so this may also help strengthen your system in the current crisis.

If you are a healer or someone who meditates with your crystals, then an idea would be meditate with your copper and ask the crystal how best it can help you at the moment.

Something to be aware of is that Copper is also toxic, so please don’t put pieces of Copper in water or in food!   Copper water bottles are made of high-grade copper and are food safe.   However, what you could do if you wanted to energise drinking water with copper, is put an inner glass with the copper in it into a larger glass with water in it in the sunlight.  The copper will then infuse the water with its energetic properties without actually having to be in touch the water.   Alternatively just put a piece of copper next to a glass of water in the sunlight and imagine linking the copper up to the water and ask it to infuse the water with its energetic properties.

Please keep safe out there and I wish you all much light!

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