Tips for dressing children they are comfortable and presentable at home!

Tips for dressing children so they are comfortable and presentable at home!

The referred clothing must be made with fabrics that are easily washable and don’t need ironing. The ideal fabrics are cotton, and other fabrics that include a percentage of cotton.

Cotton fabrics are soft, comfortable and prevent the development of unpleasant odors. It is a fresh and pleasant material in contact with the body, easy to dry and which, when well extended (during the drying process) are easy to iron. The better the quality of the cotton, the less wrinkled it will become. This concept that combines comfort, practicality and aesthetics.

Who doesn’t like to see children well dressed even at home? A colorful sweater coordinated with matching pants while the days remain cool will be the ideal outfit. On mild or warmer days you can combine t-shirts with shorts.

The ideal is to choose fun pieces, with a size that is not close to the body, in order to allow a greater range of movements and positions.

Both for boys and girls they prefer practical pieces when dressing and undressing. Pieces without many buttons and clasps, preferably with velcro or elastic waistband, but soft elastic.

This type of clothes, easy to handle, facilitates the development of the child’s autonomy in their personal care, both when dressing and undressing, as well as when going to the bathroom, not depending on this way of the adult to do so.

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The arrangement of the clothes, with already made sets, or arranged in the drawer or closet by colors, will help the child to pick up the set he would like to wear. The adult will be able to guide the choices that children will make and even teach them how to coordinate patterns and colors.

It will be convenient for clothes to be arranged so that they are accessible to children, being placed on lower shelves or drawers for example.

With these simple tips we foster a sense of organization, a sense of the importance of tidiness, order and method.

Tips for dressing a girl according to the concept that I enunciated in this article “be comfortable and presentable”:

Dresses, skirts and shorts soft and easy to wear and undress; alternatively, tights or leggings with a beautiful tulle skirt for the days when you want to feel like a ballerina or princess and let your imagination run wild. These pieces, on hot days, can be used by themselves, and on cooler days, just combine them with shirts or sweaters with or without pattern. You can add a simple and comfortable sweat if the temperature varies a lot. The training pants are also perfect, especially if they are pants with no elastic in the lower area, since they are more feminine.

Tips for dressing children so they are comfortable and presentable at home!

How to dress children to stay at home, walking barefoot:

All pediatricians and orthopedists agree. If we are not in the middle of winter, if we have pleasant temperatures at home, the best for children, and also for adults, is to be barefoot at home.

Leaving used shoes in a closet at the entrance to the house is a fundamental hygiene rule.
When walking on the street, the shoes are in contact with all types of dirt and we end up transporting bacteria and viruses into our homes.
Thus, leaving shoes at the entrance to the house will be ideal.
For children who are not accustomed to walking barefoot and who easily catch a cold, there may be a specific place, apart from the rest of the shoes, with summer and winter slippers, which can be used as soon as the child is barefoot.
For children who have no problem walking around in pants, being at home barefoot is a real little luxury. Don’t resist! Footed in the door and feet on the floor to play and explore the home environment!

Being comfortable at home, creates pleasant memories, to later be remembered with tenderness and longing. Being comfortable at home is half the step for a child to feel good in the comfort of their home, and if that comfort is combined with the aesthetic sense of simplicity and elegance in the way of dressing, we will obtain a perfect combination to delight the eyes and also the sensations that one day we will tenderly remember.❤

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Tips for dressing children so they are comfortable and presentable at home! Hope you like!

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