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One of the reasons I’ve always been drawn to Astrology is that it can help make sense of something, where there seems to exist no sense at all.  Obviously what is happening at the moment, with the coronavirus playing out on the global stage, can seem like one of those times.   

The movements of the planets around the Zodiac, forever forming new and unique combinations is really about the vast cycles of evolutionary growth that affect us all, and these can be interpreted either on a personal level, or at the level of the collective, where what is happening in the heavens, is reflecting what is going on upon the Earth (as above, so below).   

At the moment, unsurprisingly, there are quite a few outer planets causing seismic ripples, which is why, astrologically speaking, events have been rather unusual and dramatic.

There has been a lot of attention given to the current Pluto/Saturn conjunction (where basically they appear to meet together in the sky).   Pluto is about power issues and transformation, often through devastation, death and rebirth, whilst Saturn is about limitations, lessons, and restrictions. Together they have manifested in creating extreme, enforced (Pluto) restrictions on borders (Saturn) between countries, and great pressure (Pluto) being put on established systems and order (Saturn).   This has all been happening in Capricorn, (also ruled by Saturn), and so areas more affected can be old organisations, or long established institutions such as business corporations, the church, governments, and the royal family.   Any of these that are no longer working, could either be totally erased from view or transformed dramatically by the end of this period.   Because of the way the planets appear to ‘dance’ back and forwards across the sky, the effects of this combination will continue until the end of the year.  They are easing off the tension at the moment, but there will be an increase in pressure again from the beginning of June until the end of September as they once again move closer to each other.   From the beginning of October things will then finally begin to ease off for good as Saturn slowly moves fully into Aquarius and finally out of Pluto’s reach.   By January 2021 whatever this combination of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn was here to teach us, the lesson will be over.  Whether humanity has learnt what it needed remains to be seen!  

Interestingly, this is probably all happening because we are now moving into a different cosmic age, that of Aquarius, so the old outdated systems need to go.   Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and something else less written about to do with current events, but equally important, is the recent movement of Uranus into Taurus.  


Uranus first briefly entered Taurus in 2018, then reentered it again in 2019 when it began to really make itself at home and settle in.   It will remain in Taurus until 2025.   Prior to this happening I read quite a few articles with astrologers scratching their heads wondering how this would play out.   Uranus is a planet of sudden change, it turns everything upside down, and it has a revolutionary energy.  It can seem like a bolt from the blue and it will dramatically step in from nowhere and  suddenly tear something down that isn’t working, whether we like it or not.   It is not a cosy ‘personal’ planet but a totally impersonal force working for the greater (r)evolutionary end.  

Taurus meanwhile, does not like change, likes things to remain the same, and it is the most fixed sign of all the Zodiac.   Taurus is associated with the natural world and is the earthiest of all the earth signs.   It’s ruled by Venus, so is about all the things we value, our possessions, the arts, ourselves and of course the Earth itself.  

Many tried to predict what could possibly happen when these two very opposite forces would meet.   I remember reading that there would be a shift to valuing nature in a different way.   Possibly something dramatic and unexpected (Uranus) might happen to make us value it more.   Some astrologers thought some soft of ecological disaster could occur and that people would begin living more closely to the natural world again, there would be more growing of our own produce, making our own foods, more time taking life at a slower pace (Taurus).

Of course, what no one could predict was the Uranian mechanism by which this would come to pass.   It would have seemed ludicrous to suggest a year ago that something was going to happen that would bring all modern civilisation to a full stop;  travel severely restricted, no planes flying through our skies, far fewer cars on our roads, ‘curfews’ throughout the world, no socialising, forced to spend more time at home.   Certain possessions becoming so valuable (flour, canned food and the notorious toilet rolls) whilst others suddenly seeming  meaningless.   Yet the impossible has happened.  Nature needed a breather, she needed to rest, she needed the pollution to stop, she needed to be reevaluated, and Uranus was taking no prisoners.  If humanity wasn’t going to press that pause button as it was hurtling towards wanton destruction of the planet, with nations worried more about the immediate effects on economics than enforcing pollutant restrictions, then the pause button was going to be pressed for it.   The unthinkable happened in the blink of an eye.  

PictureBluebell wood

It’s terrible all the lives that have been lost, yet what has really helped me in the last few months has been noticing how quiet and blue the skies are now.  How the air has felt purer and clearer.   People have been nicer to each other.  I’ve spoken to more of my neighbours across the social distancing driveways and pavements, in the last few months than in the previous ten years.  Being lucky enough not to live in a city, we’ve been taking secluded walks nearly every day in nature and I’ve been watching the full cycle of the bluebells, which has been such a joy.   In previous years if I remembered to go out in Spring once to catch them in flower I was lucky, but this year the profusion of these beautiful healing flowers has seemed endless.  I’ve gardened more.  On longer walks I’ve learnt about natural herbs, seen ants creating their hills (I was shown how they create them with the longest slope in the direction facing the sun –  did you know that? – I certainly didn’t!), and I’ve seen deer, foxes, squirrels. and even, very occasionally,  other rare humans.

I know we will all have experienced this differently, but to me its been like I’ve being able to be still and take a deep cleansing breath and I don’t want to go back to the way things were.

​I didn’t have a clue what Uranus in Taurus might mean a year ago before all this happened.  But now, living through all that has been going on with the benefit of astrological insights I think I do have a pretty good idea what this combo is all about:
It’s a wake up call!  
It’s a rallying cry for the natural world!  
It’s a cease and desist cosmic order or suffer even more consquences!
We cannot continue to treat the planet and ourselves the way we have been.  We didn’t stop doing this ourselves so have been forced to stop.  Perhaps Pluto and Saturn restricted all the traffic, but it was Uranus in Taurus that provided the breath of fresh air.

I believe we now need to take a good long hard look at what’s going on on the planet. It’s not only about reevaluating our connection to nature, but also about how we treat nature and each other. It’s about rebellion (Uranus) for the sake of the Earth and our beautiful environment (Taurus).  There are so many different forms of life threatening pollutants now to all living things.   Some of these are forbidden to be even talked about or questioned.    Physical pollutants of what we put in our rivers, what we use on the soil to kill ‘weeds’.  What we put in our bodies in the form of processed food.   Pollutants of planes, cars, trains.   The HS2 train link will destroy much ancient woodland yet it has been given the green light by the government – there have been and will be continue to be many protests against this (Uranus).  There have been acts of rebellion (Uranus) against 5G masts (also Uranus) polluting where we live by exposing us to waves of energy that have never been tested thoroughly for their effect upon living organisms despite science existing that gives clear warning signs.   There is the pollution of our minds by the media, governments, the internet.   The media has increasingly become a tool to deliver a certain agenda via not so subtle brainwashing.   It has shocked me how blatant recent censorship of freedom of speech, thought and action has become.   When censorship becomes extreme you know somebody doesn’t want something to be uncovered.  When the term ‘fake news’ was coined, I remember feeling uncomfortable and wondering how long it would take until this was used to dismiss all that doesn’t fit a certain agenda.  This is happening right now, all over the media.   I think the best approach to take is be reassured that whatever is being called ‘fake’ news is most definitely where doth reside the most profoundest of glittering jewelled wisdom, whilst what is proclaimed to be gospel true is actually the biggest load of smelly old hokum.

Perhaps what is most healing from the crisis is to realise that whilst the planet may appear very large, and what I do over here doesn’t affect you much over there in some far away land, is no longer true at all.  This crisis has reached all corners of the globe, and what I choose to do here does affect you over there.   It’s made me realise that we are truly all one.    The Earth is small, and very, very precious.

It would be interesting once the lockdown is lifted if people suddenly realised they no longer wished to travel by train and cars as much and would  prefer to work more from home.   It would be wonderful if people realised how much their friends and family were valued and spent so much more time with them physically than checking their latest whats app messages.   It would be life-affirming it humanity diverted itself from the path of clear destruction it was following and instead entered the Age of Aquarius realising we are indeed a group consciousness, we are all one and we are each responsible for harming or healing each other, all other life forms, and the Earth beneath our feet. 

Viva la nature revolution!!  

Bluebells photo by kind permission of Milan Lysak

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