Designer Bags That Have Us Looking Forward to Summer Travel

Summer can’t come soon enough. So while we anticipate being outside again, free to roam wherever we want in the warm sunshine, why not escape for a moment and shop for the perfect handbag or travel bag?

No doubt all of us are envisioning an exotic luxury resort, where we can wear a flowy white dress and carry a luxury tote. Some of my favorite luxury bags have always been the classics: Gucci, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton.

When it comes to spring and summer wardrobe staples, and what I like to call “investment pieces,” a stylish, well-made handbag that is classic is my go-to item. For the fall and winter, you can’t go wrong with a nice jacket and well-made boots, either.

For most of us, finding those hard to pass up fashion items can be difficult. Especially if we’re on a budget, or if it was a past season item and we can’t find it online anymore. That’s where a lot of great independent shops have our back. Finding a hidden gem (with original tags still attached!) online for a great price is like finding the golden ticket.

Where to Buy Luxury Handbags

For those who are on a budget or looking for a very specific item, Heelscape offers luxury shopping concierge service in addition to their carefully curated retail shop online. They have handpicked clothes, shoes, and accessories. All are usually hard to find items.

From colorful totes to silver fringed Burberry clutches and minimalistic crossbody bags, there is a whole host of statement-worthy handbags for your eyes—and wallet—to feast on. Ahead, 5 handbags so versatile and stylish, you can carry them anywhere this summer.

Find The Bag of Your Dreams

Spotted the handbag of your dreams? Don’t know where to purchase it, or know what brand it is? Heelscape also offers Luxury Shopping Concierge Services! Just send them a request and they’ll look for the handbag you’ve been searching for.

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