How to Spot The Real from the Fake – A Guide To Recognizing Counterfeit Chanel Products

Is your new Chanel bag real or fake?

CHANEL is a name associated with prestige, superior elegance and top-quality. Here are some of the ways to recognize the genuine articles from the million knockoffs.

1. The CC Logo

The first indication of a real item is the design and location of the big CC logo. The C on the right is supposed to overlap the C on the left at the top and pass under at the bottom. This is commonly overlooked, and a fake will have this design reversed. But some fakes get this detail right. Also, the width of the letter C should match the distance between the two C’s where they cross at the middle of the logo.

2. Turn Lock

The double C is also featured in the iconic locking system that was introduced to the design by Karl Lagerfeld. The lock has a flat design and is widest in the front. Sometimes this detail is not properly represented by counterfeit manufacturers and the shapes are rounder with a smaller front. Coco Chanel herself chose this locking mechanism for her purses in 1955.  To celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the creation of this bag, Chanel launched the exact duplicate of the original design in 2005. Auction sites can be full of gems like these. Take Surplus database, they have all sorts of gold if you’re willing to spend time looking.

3. The Label

The label found on the inside of the bag should match the hardware of the handbag exactly. Carefully analyze the writing and material to ensure the product is absolutely flawless. One thing to note here is that the lower stripe at the letter E is slightly shorter than the upper stripe. 

Another indication of an authentic bag is the position of the CC logo on the Vintage United. Make sure you check for the proper positioning that only authentic CC bags feature.

4. Quilting And Stitching

A real CC handbag will have the exact same style and quality of stitching on the outside body as on the flap and inside of the bag. If you are interested Vintage United has a splendid selection of Preowned Chanel bags in perfect conditions at a fair price. You will notice that the quilted stitching will line up perfectly on the back pockets and flap. An authentic Chanel handbag has a diamond pattern that is almost a perfect square. The stitching is also even and not puffy at all. You notice stitching that is irregular or puffy, you are probably looking at a fake.

5. Chain Straps

The chain strap can also indicate the authenticity of your handbag. The design consists of both leather and metal chain and the chain should be well hidden within the stitching. The earlier editions were stitched right into the interwoven leather but the more modern designs only have this on one side. These chains are also in place to ensure that the straps are resistant to snapping away from the bag with time.

6. Zipper

The zipper is another 100% effective part of your Chanel Handbags and are of the highest quality and durability. They should open and slide cleanly the first time and the thousandth time you open the bag. Lampo zippers were first introduced to the design in the 70s. Lampo is an Italian company that manufactures top-quality zippers for Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel. Éclair is another company that produces high-quality zippers in vast supply and many Éclair zippers are found in products made since the 70s, especially models from the 80s. In the 90s, Chanel widened their range of suppliers and now zippers from YKK, DMC and OPTI DMC can be found in use. You will find the zippers feature a tab that also has the CC logo imprinted. Please note that the leather should match the leather on the base of the bag.

7. Serial Sticker

At the same time as the card system was implemented, Authentic Chanel Handbags were equipped with a sticker and serial number. This sticker does not contain a hologram and if it does it is not authentic. But, there is a chance that the card and sticker were removed and you will need to rely on other measures to verify the authenticity of the handbag.

8. Serial Number

The serial number is a good way to ensure that your bag is in fact an authentic Chanel article. Serial numbers were popularized in the 80s and are still in use today. These numbers should match the authenticity card exactly, but bags made prior to the 1980s may not have this feature.

Here are the codes on stickers for the corresponding years:

6 digit – 1984 and 1986

7 digit – 1986 and 2004

8 digit – 2005 to today

If there are any more or less than this number of digits, the bag is not authentic.

Finding a beautiful new or used designer purse can be a wonderful experience, but make sure you shop from a reputable supplier and know exactly what to look for when choosing your dream bag.

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